Saturday, June 27, 2009

Work and Such

So the new job is going well. The guys are cool and the work, although very hard physically, is easy enough. The machine I drive is pretty new and seems solid. I like the feeling of knowing if I'm 35 feet off the ground the machine will keep me safe. Plus I've many years of experience and I'm confident ( but not cocky) in my operator skills.
So the biggest thing is sleep. or lack thereof. For some crazy reason, one of us, Mags or Meself is waking at 4 am or in that area every morning. It is getting really bad. We are both exhausted. Always. We get up exhausted and we go to bed exhausted.
Anyways, what I'm leading to is..Thursday morning I was awake at four and could not go back to sleep. I usually try to sleep until 530 or the latest 550. Traffic is light at 615 when I leave my house and if I can grab a few extra winks I will.
On this morning I was wiped out. I was only able to get one cup of tea into me and then it was on the road. On this little side road I traverse, I am cruising along, not speeding mind you, just cruising with the windows down, letting the cool morning air blow in, trying to wake myself up. The tiny part of my brain registered something darting from the woods into the road. Suddenly all my nuerons are firing and I realise the thing in the road is a rabbit. A baby rabbit. It it scared shit and freezes in front of me. I deftly nudge the wheel and try to brake all at once. I say to it 'stay there' because I know I will pass harmlessly above it if it does stay put. Sadly, the animal is terrified and makes a break back for safety and I hit it. I hear the sickening thud under my rear wheels. I look back in my rear view and sure enough, I have murdered a bunny.
I feel like I may, cry, puke or both. I mean I love all creatures, but if it weighs less than four pounds, has fur and looks like it may be cuddly, I'm all for it.
This ruined my freakin' day. I drive to our local Starbucks and grab a tall cup of strong tea and make my way to work. I'm not feeling any better about what happened, but as Mags said when I told her, there was nothing I could do.
So I'm now working in a book warehouse and I'm putting books away ( mostly kiddie books) when I notice some of the titles. "Do Rabbits Have Christmas?" , "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tullane" (about a china rabbit), "32 Third Graders and Only One Rabbit" and the title that almost reduced me to a pile of quivering snot "Momma Rabbit Loves Her Baby Bunny." The cover which showed momma bunny nuzzling her tiny little baby.
Thankfully the day ended with me driving home without killing anymore woodland creatures and promptly consuming a frosty cold Saranac Pale Ale.
I worked today. Love that O.T. and when I came home Mags had a deelish dinner ready for me and even bought me a pint of my fave Ben and Jerrys as a 'reward' for working so hard today.
She also did groceries, cleaned the floors, did laundry and took CrazyDog tro be groooomed.
So again, we are both cream-crackered. Hopefully tonight at least one of us will get more than 5 hours of sleep.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Just a quick entry to wish my father-in-law, a.k.a The Big Guy, a.k.a The Boss a very Happy Father's Day.

He came home from the nursing home yesterday and I think he somewhat enjoyed everyone making a fuss over him.

A man and his dog...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Jaysus You People Are Kooky

I am speaking not of the Octomom, the Mormon cultists in Utah or wherever those freaks live, but the wing-nuts at PETA. All the panties at PETA are in a twist over our the 'brutal slaying' of an innocent fly by our President, Barack O'Bama. (He is Irish). Our man 'B' was trying to conduct an interview on CNBC when the pesky little bugger starting swooping and 'buzzing' him. The President kindly asked it to stop and then, when the little camera-hog persisted on trying to fly up our leaders nose, he crushed him like the RedSox beating the Yankees.
Really. I'm serious...PETA sent him a letter and a paper you guys.
What really, umm, bugged PETA was the fact that 'B' showed no remorse over the killing and even hi-fived the camera man, screaming "I got you you little prick!", before grabbing the poor flys wee carcas in a tissue and stomping it in time to "Another one bites the dust."
PETA has also sent the Prez a few,.. oh God I cannot believe these people are allowed to breath my air, special bug traps. Yes bug traps. They safely trap naughty little pests like gnats, mosquitos, flys and earwigs, then you can ( gently) carry the traps to an outdoor locale and release them back into the wild. Honestly?
PETA is also demanding the flys be fed for the duration of it's captivity, or, they will be marching on the White House demanding the 'prisoner fly' be fed and provided clean drinknig water for all of it's 15 day long life span. When the significant cost of housing (that will be passed onto the tax-payer) and feeding a fly for that time was pointed out to PETA, the response was quick. "It is a living thing. Look, we can build homeless shelters and levies in Louisiana or we can help the flies. The choice is obvious."

Meanwhile, CNN has an exclusive report on a note found at a New Jersey dung heap where the murdered flies cousin 'Joey' was living, it was written in a hurry and was barely legible but went something like this...
"Mr. prezident, I saw you kill my couzin, boy am I mad! You think the people at PETA are mad just you wait 'til I get there you are in troubl..."

When other flies dining in said dung heap were questioned the reply was simple. "Yeah he was pisssssed..but he was 14 days old....poor guy didn't live long enough to finish the buzz etc..."

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Internet Hates Me

So today was my first day at the new place. We got a lot done considering that there was a crew of electricians in there on scissor lifts installing lights and there were numerous trucks arriving during the day to be unloaded. The offices are still not done, as is the break room and, sadly the bathrooms. That's right, we're using porta-potties...oh, sorry, "Mr. John". Gross.
My coworkers are very cool and this is a great relief to me. I had the 'new guy' concerns, you know..nobody bothers with you, you get the majority of the work, people aren't willing to help you too opposite with these guys.
So anyway I come home to file my final unemployment claim and their website is goofy and has locked me out. I need to call and talk with someone. I call and am told by that generic computerized voice my wait will be 45 minutes. Crap. I need to do this so I hang on. When my call is finally answered by a lovely woman named Alberta (or something like that) I am asked the standard questions and she types in all my info..I am put on hold, asked more questions, put on hold, asked more questions, put on get the picture. Long story short, after waiting 45 minutes to speak to someone, being put on hold 6 times during that call, answering every question under the sun, including the old, "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck..?", I am told their system will not let even kindly ol' Alberta process my claim. So now I must wait. She said she'd call if it did not get done. So far, no call.
I then tried to apply for my benefits for my new job online. My new employee ID number is apparently invalid.
Then, I tried to log into the game on Facebook called YoVille. YoVille was temporarily down for service.
So while I had a good day at work, my computer time was slightly not so good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Job Update

New job is going well. They are moving to bigger digs and I got a sneak peek on Thursday. The place will be big. They are still running the electric and should be done by Monday.
Today they had a big warehouse sale and I was elected to direct traffic. Easy stuff, just standing outside telling people where to go..hmmm I guess I did enjoy it after all....
Anyways, it was going well until about 2:30 when the skies opened up. I pulled my car to the end of the driveway and watched for traffic and when needed, made a dash out to the road to talk to our customers.
So the new job thing is going well. Everyone is super cool and the building will be brand new.
The rain continues to fall and it looks like it may carry into tomorrow.
I can't tell you how relieved I am to have a job again. It's a good feeling to be a productive person again. And well..making money too.. that's nice

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Man Did I Accomplish Alot Today

So it is Sunday, generally a day of rest...but today I felt ambitious. The yard needed mowing desperately and honestly our little Boxwoods out front were out of control. Now that I mention it, our other bushes whose-name-I-dont-know, were also growing like they were possessed.
So the morning began with Mags venturing out for a walk around the development before the heat of the day took hold. That left me hunched groggy over a cup of English Breakfast tea, praying that the caffeine would hurry into my blood stream. Mags suggested that I cook up some Turkey bacon and so I did. Good stuff too. When Mags arrived back home we made egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches. Yummy. Mags then ventured to see her Dad who is still in the nursing home. When she arrived back home she was very pleased that he seems to be getting a better grasp on his words and is trying to put sentences together! This makes us both very happy.
I mowed and trimmed the lawn, which I'm happy to say may actually look decent this year. After that I had a nice hot shower and then settled in the watch the Red Sox. A rare treat for me because they are never televised here unless they play the fucking Yankees.
About the time the third inning rolled around my mother-in-law called an asked if I would be so kind as to bring Lucy, my FIL's Boston Terrier to the nursing home for a visit. 'I would be so kind', was my reply. I set the DVR and rolled on over to my in-laws place and wrangled their zany Boston into my car. I had opened the trunk to put some borrowed hedge-trimmers in and Lucy jumped into my trunk and looked at me as if to say "let's roll!". I told her that today she'd be allowed to ride shotgun.
At the nursing home my FIL seemed to enjoy the visit form the pooch but soon wanted to go into the tv room. My MIL took Lucy home and I hung out with the Big Guy for a little bit. We watched some crap show on tv and he was trying his darnedest to tell me something about business. He gets that word and the word important out but otherwise he is struggling. He got frustrated but I patted him on the back and told him to take his time and he just smiled. He is trying and I think his speech is getting better.
Home after my visit I trimmed all our shrubbery and then fired up the grill for some burgers whilst Mags made some fresh corn on the cob.
Now that we're all fed and the kitchen is cleaned, it's time to relax. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guess What? It's Raining...

So I may have another job. This is a direct hire and will probably start Tuesday. Good company and they are growing. They're in the process of moving from a 40k square foot building to a 100k sq. foot place. I'm doing it with trepidation. I haven't worked in so very a new job is scary. Isn't it? The guy who interviewed me is super nice and I met who I think may be my boss and he's a cool young dude. So I'm hoping it will work out. The downside (of course there's a downside) is the money. Ill be making more than I am on unemployment but much less than I was at my other place. But I had been there 8 years and the former employer was somewhat generous with the loot....So we'll see.
The other night the forecast called for thunderstorms. Big deal. I like the rain. I enjoy a good thunderstorm as much as the next kook. The sound of the rain helps me sleep....however...the other night at about oh....1:30 am there was a blinding light and a crash of thunder that shook our house. Literally. Shook. the. House. It was scary. I was thinking a 747 fell out of the sky and dropped into our backyard or maybe a tornado had touched down and we were about to be swept away to Oz. I would dig hanging with the Munchkins...the flying monkeys would scare me tho...
but I digress.
So the storm was fierce. Whilst I was able to doze back I was awoken soon by the feeling that someone was staring at me. I opened one weary eye and saw in very close proximity to my face, CrazyDogs snout. The poor little guy was shaking like a leaf and doing his best to be as close to me as he could. I rubbed his little head and talked reassuringly to him in my best reassuring voice and soon he laid down and we were all able to go back to sleep.
Mags came home early today and we went to the nursing home to see her Dad. We spent a few hours with him and then came home. Maybe, hopefully we can relax and have agood night sleep.

Monday, June 1, 2009

If You Keep Giving Her Attention, She'll Never Go Away

Here we go again. The uber-fertile crack-pot they call the "OctoMom" is apparently due to have her own reality show. Honestly? Did the network head honchos have a meeting and decide there just isn't enough shit on t.v. already?
"Say Wilson..what are we gonna do for the fall sweeps?"
"How 'bout a reality show?"
"About who?"
" I dunno..maybe like that guy from Murphy Brown..the painter..."
"They wrote him out of the show?"
"No he's really dead you horses-ass"
"Oh...." reaches for his Prozac...
"Got it!! How about that Angelina Jolie look-alike? The girl with the big lips, 22 kids and the uterus you could park a Suburban in?!"
"Crap on toast you're a genius!"
That sound you just heard was 85% of Americans slapping their open palm against their foreheads and going "d'oh!"
Tell me you're kidding please....
Aren't we sick to death of this woman? She is apparently as crazy as I am short but her dopey mug is all over the television. 14 kids? That's like a baseball team and a full freakin' bullpen. And are we to believe her and big ol' Dr. Phil are just 'friends'? (winkwinknudgenudge) She's been on his show about 87 times in the last 5 months. He's helping her. Hmmph.
The season may open with what's -her-face at the doctor discussing yet another invitro-fertilization. She will say that she plans to keep going until one of the following happens, a) she produces enough children to form her own army, at which point she will try to overthrow the government of Seychelles b). Her state-funded aid bankrupts the state of California or c) Her uterus falls out and she rents it to the highest bidder for an indoor practice facility for kids soccer. Quality t.v. no matter what. Am I right?
She has plans, so I'm told to trademark the name "OctoMom" and she is looking to put the "Octonut" name on a brand of diapers. Honest.
Also told that she has passed on an offer from Vivid prodcutions. They make the naughty movies. We'll see....once kid number 42 comes along she may start hurting for cash.