Sunday, June 7, 2009

Man Did I Accomplish Alot Today

So it is Sunday, generally a day of rest...but today I felt ambitious. The yard needed mowing desperately and honestly our little Boxwoods out front were out of control. Now that I mention it, our other bushes whose-name-I-dont-know, were also growing like they were possessed.
So the morning began with Mags venturing out for a walk around the development before the heat of the day took hold. That left me hunched groggy over a cup of English Breakfast tea, praying that the caffeine would hurry into my blood stream. Mags suggested that I cook up some Turkey bacon and so I did. Good stuff too. When Mags arrived back home we made egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches. Yummy. Mags then ventured to see her Dad who is still in the nursing home. When she arrived back home she was very pleased that he seems to be getting a better grasp on his words and is trying to put sentences together! This makes us both very happy.
I mowed and trimmed the lawn, which I'm happy to say may actually look decent this year. After that I had a nice hot shower and then settled in the watch the Red Sox. A rare treat for me because they are never televised here unless they play the fucking Yankees.
About the time the third inning rolled around my mother-in-law called an asked if I would be so kind as to bring Lucy, my FIL's Boston Terrier to the nursing home for a visit. 'I would be so kind', was my reply. I set the DVR and rolled on over to my in-laws place and wrangled their zany Boston into my car. I had opened the trunk to put some borrowed hedge-trimmers in and Lucy jumped into my trunk and looked at me as if to say "let's roll!". I told her that today she'd be allowed to ride shotgun.
At the nursing home my FIL seemed to enjoy the visit form the pooch but soon wanted to go into the tv room. My MIL took Lucy home and I hung out with the Big Guy for a little bit. We watched some crap show on tv and he was trying his darnedest to tell me something about business. He gets that word and the word important out but otherwise he is struggling. He got frustrated but I patted him on the back and told him to take his time and he just smiled. He is trying and I think his speech is getting better.
Home after my visit I trimmed all our shrubbery and then fired up the grill for some burgers whilst Mags made some fresh corn on the cob.
Now that we're all fed and the kitchen is cleaned, it's time to relax. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Jud said...

Family can be trying at times, but it spunds like you are making an effort to keep everything moving as smoothly as possible.