Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Time No See

Yes I am still amongst the living. Blogging has just not seemed important lately. I haven't had motivation to write even though plenty has been going on. So where to begin? At the beginning I suppose. Since I've written last, Mags has been hospitalized 3 times. Twice at RWJ and once in UPenn. There has been something very bad going on with Mags as those of you who read my blog/Facebook know. It has been an issue of pneumonia/water retention/ lung things...etc. It has also been something of a dilemma because her (former) cardiologist has sworn it was her lungs. Her Pulmunologist, the lovely and talented Dr. Trisha Gilbert has said "no, it's your heart." So back and forth we go. Mags asked her cardiologist if perhaps it was time to replace her other valve, since we know it is leaking 'slightly'. He cardiologist said "You won't need that valve replaced for 37 years," with a wave of his hand. Now being he is head of cardiology at the local hospital, we kinda went with that. During her last stay at RWJ, she found she needed a certain procedure they at RWJU hospital could not do. (Weird right?) Dr Gilbert recommended a doctor at UPenn for the procedure Mags needed done. Actually the doc who did it is one of the few in the country who would do this certain procedure.
Long story short, her Mitral valve needs to be replaced. ASAP. The doctors at Upenn wanted to actually keep her and do it immediately, but Mags said no, she wanted to come home and let it sink in that she would be enduring this again, just 7 years after her first open-heart surgery.
I have to admit, when Mags called me that night from her hospital room in UPenn and told me I kinda broke down. Okay, I cried like a little girl whose Barbie was just run over by a freight train and then raccoons carried away the pieces before I could glue them back together. I mean seriously? How much more can the woman take? She's so tough I'm considering nicknaming her 'Nails'.
So on July 27th Mags will be getting herself a new Mitral valve. It will be performed at UPenn hospital which seems like a very good hospital. I was only there once but all the staff I had contact with were really nice, even the food service kids.
So back to her former cardiologist, he was stunned, to say the least, when Mags called him and told him. I am thankful that Dr. Gilbert stayed on the case. She really busted her butt and went above and beyond to help Mags. So thank you Dr. Gilbert and also to her associates whom she consulted on numerous occasions.

Work has been busy. We lost our department lead. I can't go into it here but I'll say we miss the guy. He was a nice guy, hard worker and nobody knows the job like he did. Man I hate politics.

For Easter Mags bought me the book "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Excellent excellent excellent! Go buy it and read it. Right now....

Yesterday we went and treated ourselves to a new recliner and box spring and mattress. The sounds you hear is our backs rejoicing. Can't wait to get them. Then we had a killer lunch at Longhorn. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm steeeaaaaakkkkk.

So that's it. Nothing too exciting right?