Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forgive me Father it Has Been Three Weeks Since My Last Post

So aside from laziness, the only excuse I can offer is that there is really not alot going on.

~We have been getting a ton of rain. As we do every year at this time here in New Jersey. When people ask me about the weather in New Jersey I say "Yes I love the three seasons of New Jersey." Yes three. We have Summer which lasts until about October 27, when it will be 85 degrees and Winter starts the very next day and the temps will be no higher than 40. Seriously. The leaves all turn color and fall off the trees that very day. So, we do have Fall, but it only lasts twenty seven minutes. If you're indoors you will miss it. Too bad for you, try next year.
Then on the twelfth of February, the third New Jersey season, Rain,starts. Rain is the period form February twelfth until about May 11th, when all we get is, well, rain. We've had about 9 inches of rain in the last two weeks. Seriously. Theres flooding, power outages, trees down..pandemonium. Soggy, damp, wet, miserable pandemonium. But on the 11th of May, the skies will clear and the temperatures will rocket into the 80's and we will start a sweltering summer. Yay.

~ The last rain storm was so bad, our power was out for 24 hours, and the hurricane force winds actually blew rain through the flashing on the side of our house and across the sub floor of our 2nd floor guest-room. I can't tell you how much fun Mags and Meself had fixing that. boy hardy!

~Mags has a dose of bronchitis and is currently an unhappy camper. Seriously can't the woman get a break?

~ I woke up under the weather yesterday and felt like not going to work. Couple that with the fact that it had been raining since Sunday and yesterday was the worse of all three days, torrential rain gale 30 mph wind gusts...the decision to stay home was easy. Of course crazy dog wanted to be out in the horrible weather all day. It was tough keeping him in the house.

~Work will be picking up soon. We will be taking on a lot more work. By 'we' I mean my coworkers Sean and Mark and Meself. I can't describe exactly what we do without going into a lot of detail but all I can say is we have no room now. They will be doubling our workload. Meaning we will need twice the space that we have now. We, as a company, have already outgrown the building we just moved into last year. I'm wondering how the heck we will do it.

~Very excited for the openening of the baseball season. All eyes will be focused on Fenway Park Sunday night for the season/home opener against the much hated Yankees of New York. I hope we take all three. I work with alot of Yankee fans and sometimes they are hard to take.

~Okay thats about it. Thats what Ive been up to....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your Car is Now Safe to Drive

So I got up early thismorn and followed our neighbor Keith to his place of employment where he is the head guy in the repair department. We got there early, 815 a.m., early for a Sunday anyways.
The weather here is great today, really. No clouds, a nice deep blue sky and the temp is a balmy 53 degrees.
The ride was about 30 minutes and traffic was light. I was first in line at 8:15 and when the doors opened at 9, I rolled right in. The waiting area here is really nice. Several chairs and roundtop tables (which I made us of) and two large flat screens tuned to HGtv. There was also one of those fancy coffee/tea machines, which I also made use of.
I had a book with me so I made tea and settled in. I was distracted by the tv, however and got very little reading done. Hey, when you go into a house and rip it apart, then rebuild it...what do you expect. Guys like that stuff.
Long story short, two hours later Mags' Camry was now refitted with a new computer and safer gas pedal. And they washed the car for me.
Thanks to Keith and the staff at Brunswick Toyota.