Saturday, June 27, 2009

Work and Such

So the new job is going well. The guys are cool and the work, although very hard physically, is easy enough. The machine I drive is pretty new and seems solid. I like the feeling of knowing if I'm 35 feet off the ground the machine will keep me safe. Plus I've many years of experience and I'm confident ( but not cocky) in my operator skills.
So the biggest thing is sleep. or lack thereof. For some crazy reason, one of us, Mags or Meself is waking at 4 am or in that area every morning. It is getting really bad. We are both exhausted. Always. We get up exhausted and we go to bed exhausted.
Anyways, what I'm leading to is..Thursday morning I was awake at four and could not go back to sleep. I usually try to sleep until 530 or the latest 550. Traffic is light at 615 when I leave my house and if I can grab a few extra winks I will.
On this morning I was wiped out. I was only able to get one cup of tea into me and then it was on the road. On this little side road I traverse, I am cruising along, not speeding mind you, just cruising with the windows down, letting the cool morning air blow in, trying to wake myself up. The tiny part of my brain registered something darting from the woods into the road. Suddenly all my nuerons are firing and I realise the thing in the road is a rabbit. A baby rabbit. It it scared shit and freezes in front of me. I deftly nudge the wheel and try to brake all at once. I say to it 'stay there' because I know I will pass harmlessly above it if it does stay put. Sadly, the animal is terrified and makes a break back for safety and I hit it. I hear the sickening thud under my rear wheels. I look back in my rear view and sure enough, I have murdered a bunny.
I feel like I may, cry, puke or both. I mean I love all creatures, but if it weighs less than four pounds, has fur and looks like it may be cuddly, I'm all for it.
This ruined my freakin' day. I drive to our local Starbucks and grab a tall cup of strong tea and make my way to work. I'm not feeling any better about what happened, but as Mags said when I told her, there was nothing I could do.
So I'm now working in a book warehouse and I'm putting books away ( mostly kiddie books) when I notice some of the titles. "Do Rabbits Have Christmas?" , "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tullane" (about a china rabbit), "32 Third Graders and Only One Rabbit" and the title that almost reduced me to a pile of quivering snot "Momma Rabbit Loves Her Baby Bunny." The cover which showed momma bunny nuzzling her tiny little baby.
Thankfully the day ended with me driving home without killing anymore woodland creatures and promptly consuming a frosty cold Saranac Pale Ale.
I worked today. Love that O.T. and when I came home Mags had a deelish dinner ready for me and even bought me a pint of my fave Ben and Jerrys as a 'reward' for working so hard today.
She also did groceries, cleaned the floors, did laundry and took CrazyDog tro be groooomed.
So again, we are both cream-crackered. Hopefully tonight at least one of us will get more than 5 hours of sleep.

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Jud said...

I understand about your remorse for the accident, which is what it was.

My dad was a zoologist by training and work for the US Fish & Wildlife for a long time. He loved animals deeply. When I was learning to drive he told me "Never risk yourself or another human being for an animal that has darted into the road. You will feel a hell of a lot worse if you cause a wreck and someone is hurt and not just a critter."

I think it is sage advice.