Monday, May 28, 2007

Trying New Layouts

Trying new things here..side bars and links and such. If anyone has feedback, good or bad please leave comments. Well maybe you could keep the bad ones.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Blast from the Past

I'm sitting here with my friend Sam (Adams) contemplating life. I do this often, when I'm feeling down-trodded and sullen and only one thing usually happens. It hurts my head.
But I digress...
Some time ago...(which to an Irishman can be anywhere form several minutes to many years) I met a lad we'll call the Redman. He was, sorry, still is, a large Irish fella. He is close to 6 feet 3 inches tall and has the red hair, the full Leprechaun beard, freckles, the Irish wit and two very large, heavily tattooed arms. He has always done hard, physical labor and is also a pretty good tattoo artist. Matter o' fact he has done all of my work and 99%of my wife's. We met while throwing arrows at the local pub and became fast friends. We hung around alot and even traveled out of state to a few darts tournaments. We always did well, but had a great time. After a few years I met the woman who would become my future wife. Time went by and I moved out of state. I'm not sure he was all that happy about my leaving but we kept in close contact. When the time came for me to tie the ol' knot, I immediately called him and asked him to be my best man. He agreed but he never came and never called. I was, to say the least, pretty fucking unhappy. Time went by and while I thought about what he might be up to often, I never tried to contact him.
Last night, I was on the phone with my Mom and she said "You'll never guess who I just talked to.." She was right I didn't guess.
The Redman was apparently calling every O'Malley* household in the state I used to live in, but also the state I live in now. And let me tell you there are lot's of Irish people here.
Anyways we talked for almost two hours and pretty much got caught up. I say ''pretty much' because Redman is, as the saying goes, 'fond of a joke and a jar'. It was weird that he called out of the blue. But I guess shit happens for a reason. The Universe has a plan and sometimes wacky fucking things happen just because. But I digress.
Seems his Dad is also sick with cancer, as is my youngest sister. So sadly, the biggest thing in common at this moment, is that we are losing family to an awful disease.
The talk flowed freely and with humor as is wont to happen when Irishmen get together.
He apologised several times, and even cried a bit. He did feel awful about what happened and when he explained his situation, I understood. I won't get into it here because his business is none of anyone else's. Just let me say, the boy has had a run of bad luck that makes Phil Mickleson's look like a day in the park.
So I'm happy to hear from my old friend. He said he would call today but he was spending the night with the Captain apparently, so maybe I'll call him tomorrow.
It was good to hear form you Redman.
* that is not my real name ..for illustrative purpose only.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Welcome to yet another blog attempt on my part. I have another one but I'm guessing nobody reads it. Either that or someone at that counter site is messing with me. Either way it's slightly disheartening.

Today I find myself in a funk of the highest variety. I am

1: severely sleep deprived. I have not slept past 6 am in the last, oh I dunno, four years or so..okay maybe that's a stretch but it is catching up to me. I am a freakin' zombie and have no desire to do anything.

2:... fucking bummed out about my sister. She is in the midst of a huge fight with that fucker we all call cancer. She has been at it for some time. She has had several surgeries in the past year. Two on her head, skull region. A couple on her neck, throat area. She continues to battle and we are amazed she is as strong as she's showing. She is down to 75 pounds and the doctors tell her the Radiation she is recieving could paralyze her from her neck down. She wants to continue. At what point though is enough enough? Don't get me wrong, I love my baby sister to pieces and we're all amazed at how tough she is but how much more can her little body take? I think at some point I'd just say, "shake my hand, tell me you did your best and send me home with a keg of Guinness and a bottle full of vicodins." I know she's getting Morphine, but I think that would ruin the taste of the Guinness.

3: well hey who wants to hear this right??....

I saw the second in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies today. Really good stuff. It was a nice escape from reality. I'd go to see the new one in the theaters but the way things go nowadays, it will be on HBO by Christmas.
I am not really into 'blogging' lately. I have a blog, but no one reads it. There is that little Inuit girl but she has a Compaq and mine is the only page her 'favorites' folder will allow her to save. Poor kid. I hear this caused her to try to suffocate herself in a vat of whale blubber. She survived but she smells like..well..blubber.
It is an effort honestly. I read things like this guy but he is the Master. I think maybe I try to hard. I am funny in person, but maybe that's because I'm small and animated. I don't know.
I will try harder and if this blog doesn't fly, I'll guess I'll go find that little Inuit girl's bucket of blubber.