Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Do You Mean Tomorrow is Monday?? Really??

Well, my 4-day weekend is coming to a crashing halt. It is nearing 7 pm on Sunday night and my 4 day weekend is all but over. It was, to a point, restful. I got a lot done around the house. We had a quiet dinner at home with Mags son showing up to join us. The pets were happy as they always get a little plate of turkey on the Turkey-related holidays.

I did get lucky and got to see a couple of Devils games. They are on a hot-streak and considering they have a lot of young guys up from the farm team because of injuries, it makes it even more exciting.

I had some trouble sleeping last night. Mags and I were both stressed out and we were up until almost 1130. Very late for us. We decided to hit the sack and Mags was soon fast asleep. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. The ceiling stared back at me, mockingly, as I tried to sleep.
I sometimes will put my iPod on and listen to some tunes until I grow very tired and then slip off my headphones and go to sleep. Didn't work last night. I laid awake until 1:30 am when finally, I fell to sleep. I awoke promptly at 3:11 am and was awake until well, 5 when I decided to get up rather than toss and turn. By this point my back was aching and I needed to take something to relive the pain. I groaned and rolled out of bed. At this point, Mags, who had been awake for a minute or two said "I'll just get up with you." I tried to tell her to stay in bed because she has been sick but she was now wide awake too.

So we went to the kitchen and put the kettle on for tea. Mags fired up the heating pad for me and I got into 'the chair' and flipped the tv on. I caught the tail end of 'Hockey Night Live!' (it was really not live, but taped from last night but I am grateful for hockey hi-lites when I can get them) Mags laid on the couch and was soon fast asleep ( "If you put a show on with men talking about sports, I'll go right to sleep") and she did. I did not. I watched two episodes of Law and Order and the started a third when Mags awoke and said to me "just go crawl back into bed", which I did, and slept until 10am. She was shocked to see me up and about so early having just had under 4 1/2 hours sleep total for the night. They weren't even consecutive hours of sleep...How was I?? Imagine "Night of the Living Dead"...except I didn't feel the need to feed on human flesh.

Mags had been down and said that a trip to Target would lift her spirits. So we ventured out to the store and did some shopping for our young nephews. I usually don't like shopping but I think I was just so tired I didn't care. Besides, Mags is very sick and needs my support and I'll give it any way I can. And really, if it means making a trip to our local Target, then I'm her man.
I did make it up to myself by shoplifting a watch band and some Hello Kitty lunch box decals. No, I really didn't. Honest.

So that's it. We came home, wrapped the gifts, got them packed and I took CrazyDog into the yard for some play time and then just vegged in front of my computer.

I dread going back tomorrow. It's always hard going back after such a long lay-off.
Hope you all had a restful four-day weekend and good luck getting back into the groove tomorrow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

May I Present...Mr. Buns

The funny looking terrycloth bunny you see here is 'Mr Buns.' He belongs to our cat, Chainsaw.
Way back when when I first met Mags and was wooing her, I met her dog. Sandie was a sweet little Sheltie who really took her time getting to know/like me.
I felt the best way to win this dog over was as you would any other female. I bought her a gift. The little plush bunny you see above was actually a dog toy. No squeaker, no jingles, just a plain ol' bunny. I walked into the living room where Sandie was sitting and she watched me tentatively. I walked to her and produced Buns. Sandie sniffed him, looked up at me and walked away. Mission failed.
Enter Chainsaw two years later. We were settling into bed one night when we heard this plaintive wail and then heard it again. And again and again. We were curious what was going on with the cat and walked out of the bedroom to see.

There was the cat with Buns hanging out of his mouth, continuing to cry. Very odd I thought. I told Mags and we had a laugh. Well, we figured this was a passing phase. But no, no it was not. Buns is Chainsaws S.O. apparently. The two are never far apart. They sleep together and very often we will find the cat with the bunny in his mouth or simply on the rug licking him.
If we put Buns on a shelf or counter, Chainsaw will whine and cry and reach his long grey arms up to whack the rabbit down to the floor.

Late at night, every night, we will hear the sound of the cat meowing like he is being tortured. He is really actually calling out to his terry-cloth amigo and he will continue this until he finds him. He will then pick up the rabbit, crying still, carry him up the stairs into our bedroom and place him on the floor. He will then curl his body around him and go to sleep.

Since the rabbit spends most of his time in the cats mouth, we have washed him before. Each time we do, the cat freaks out and will lick the rabbit a thousand times until he stinks again.

Weird huh?

Monday, November 16, 2009

We Have An Answer!!

Yes, finally. An answer to Mags' situation. She had a TTE test on Friday morning which involves a long hose-type thinger being forced down your throat and the little camera that is attatched can peek around in one's chest.
Mags' cardiologist, Dr. Jack. is head of cardiology at the hospital Mags was in and he happened to be at the hospital visiting her at the time of the test. He took his own time and went down with her for support/comfort/and to get a look at what the heck was going on. Great guy this doc.

Well, end result is periocarditis. An infection on the heart valve. They call it 'vegetation' growing on the heart valve. Ironically, it is on her Mitral valve and not on the artificial Aortic valve that she had installed in '04. The odds of getting the infection on the artificial valve were slim but the odds of getting it on the mitral were even slimmer. Talk about crappy luck.

Soon after the test results were dropped Mags was told she had to have a PICC line inserted into her arm, into a vein that runs to her heart. She will be getting intravenous antibiotics twice a day at home. A nurse came to the house to show us how to do it. Her name is Cindy and she is super nice and a smart cookie. She gave us the rundown and spent three hours at our house, answering questions explaining the PICC line, etc.

So heres to hoping the anti's work. If they don't Mags faces the possibility of yet another open-heart surgery to replace yet another heart valve.

So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and send any positive vibes or good Mojo you may have her way.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still We Wait...

For a clue as to what could be ailing Mags. Four doctors are working together to crack the case.
Went to see her tonight and she was in okay spirits and very, very sleepy, (it was pocket watch) So I came home and did some housework. Wash kitchen floor, laundry etc...I'm so domesticated...
Central Jersey will be getting some 'soaking' rains tonight accompanied by high winds. The wind is howling, but so far no rain.

Well, dryer is done. Fold then bed.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mags Hospitalized. Again

I just got in from the hospital where my lovely wife will be residing for the next few days. She had a CTScan done earlier in the week that was supposed to show her pulmonologist what was ailing her. She had an appointment with said doctor today who looked at the scan and simply said "You belong in the hospital." To which Mags replied "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Dr. LungMan??"
He told her to go the the ER and he would call her PCP and they would get her in. And they did.
Mags was fortunate enough to get her 'favorite' doctor in the ER. He is a very competent and caring guy and seems to really know his stuff.
So anyways, you read about Mags previous bad experience with her room-mate last time...well great news, she is in a private room this time! And it is in a wing of the hospital that was just refinished and her hospital room looks like a hotel suite. Seriously, I made her wrestle me for the bed. She won obviously, because I'm here with my lunatic Sheltie and neurotic cat.
Honestly. Hardwood floors, 36 inch flatscreen, frosted wall lamps, leather recliner..and dig this. This windows in her room that run along the hall and the glass in the door? Well, Mags says to the wonderful nurse Eleanor that is helping her get settled, "Ummm I think the light from the hall may bother me, and I don't know if I want people looking in...." The nurse smiled and held up a tiny finger, "check this out," says she. She pushes a button on the wall and the glass somehow frosts over! Can't see in, or out! Neat-o.
So all funny biz aside, Mags is in the hospital and I am worried. She is tougher than Chinese Arithmetic but whatever this is has really gotten her down. I'm hoping someone can figure this out.

And again, I cannot say enough good things about the staff at CentraState Hospital. Everyone there. You guys are great! Thanks for giving Mags such good care.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Re: Zach Christie

The school board did indeed overturn their moronic ruling and Zach will soon be (if not already) back at school.
Congrats MadDog.