Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gettin' There is Half the Fun

Okay so I did my trip to Mass. I'm back and here is a brief recap of my jaunt. I mentioned in my last post that I had a really sweet rental. A 2008 Passat. The problem with driving a brand new car, a sports car, no less, when you are used to driving a 1997 Camry, is this. You are not used to how the car rides. It's like anything else. You need a few hours to get the feel for a different car.

My trip took me right up the NJ Turnpike to 95 thru Conn. and RI into Mass, where I go on 495 and so on.

I anticipate traffic in the city, at the GWB. Well, where Rtes. 95 & 80 merge there is a backup. Almost half a mile. I start to groan and curse. I hate traffic. Really. Really hate it. I'd rather be kicked in the face by an Israeli commando than sit in traffic. I crawl to the merge and notice the hold-up. One semi driver rear-ended another and they were in the road trying to seperate their trucks with a crowbar. Once I got past this 25 minute delay I sail through the city. Or maybe I should say I flew.

This car is really fast and you really don't notice how fast you're going either. This explains why, at around exit 23 in Connecticut I noticed the trees around me blurring a bit. I looked at the dash and realised I was doing over 90...closer to 95 actually. I looked up to see a Conn. StateTrooper on the embankment. It was too late to be doing the speed limit so I slowed to 65 and made my way to the right lane, certain I was a goner. Well, either he didn't want to be bothered or he just dind't notice..I was safe either way.

I got off the highway in RI to see Mims at her office. She was shocked to see me so early ( I got there at about 2:30 only about 4 hours after I left NJ.) I chatted with her ( and several of my aunts who also work there) for about half an hour and then headed up to Mass. to the hotel.

It only took me about 45 minutes to get to the hotel and after a quick check-in, headed to my room. I have to say the hotel was sweeet. It was the Residence Inn in Stockton. It was like a tiny apartment. Full kitchen, little sitting area with a recliner, chaise lounge and writing desk. There was also a nice big bed with plenty of pillows. I was impressed.

So I call Mags and leave a message that I arrived safely and then head down to the 'gathering' area off the lobby where they are serving a free barbq dinner.

I grab two dogs and a burger and head up to my room where I enjoy my meal with a couple of cold beers. I decide on only two because in the morning I have to go and reassemble our hi-speed ink-jet printer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Congrats to the Big Green

It's Been How Long??

Okay Ive got alot to squeeze in here so read fast.
Since I've written last the following has occured.
*My Father in law has had surgery for a nagging intestinal problem. They removed some of his plumbing and sewed him back up. While in there they took a 'nasty' looking growth off his liver. It is, sadly, cancerous. He has had a hell of a time finding a doctor to take care of him. He has Medicade and he has insurance from his days serving in the Navy. Well, they just dont help out like they say they do. One of the greatest problems this country faces. Our elderly getting the medical help they need. Really fucking nice. The man served his country in the armed forces people....
*On a warm spring day, the BigGuy from our Boston site was in town. We knew something was up because my department was completely dead for weeks. The head of our site pulled me and one of my coworkers into the conference room. Once in there, the BigGuy told us they were shutting down our department. Immediately. I was stunned, but not shocked. They told us 'mums the word'. They then took the other 4 employees, and our Super, into the conference room and told them effective immediately, they had no job.
So feeling safe but shaken, I returned to the floor. At 11am, an hour and a half after getting the news about our department, we had a company wide meeting. When a meeting starts with someone saying "there's no easy way to say this.." it will not be a fun affair. We are then told the unit will be closing this year. Alot of people are shocked. We aren't sure when , but by December.
Because I am an awesome employee, the head of our site comes to me one day about a month after the news and says "Hey. what are the chances you can get to Boston for a few days next week?"
"For what?" says Me.
"To set up one of our hi-speed ink-jet printers."
So after conferring with Mags I decide I will indeed go to Mass. They are going to put me on a train but I ask the head of our site, who is a great guy, if the Company would rent me a car instead, so I can stop in RI to see my family. He graciously agrees. So soon I'll get to see the site in Mass.