Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guess What? It's Raining...

So I may have another job. This is a direct hire and will probably start Tuesday. Good company and they are growing. They're in the process of moving from a 40k square foot building to a 100k sq. foot place. I'm doing it with trepidation. I haven't worked in so very a new job is scary. Isn't it? The guy who interviewed me is super nice and I met who I think may be my boss and he's a cool young dude. So I'm hoping it will work out. The downside (of course there's a downside) is the money. Ill be making more than I am on unemployment but much less than I was at my other place. But I had been there 8 years and the former employer was somewhat generous with the loot....So we'll see.
The other night the forecast called for thunderstorms. Big deal. I like the rain. I enjoy a good thunderstorm as much as the next kook. The sound of the rain helps me sleep....however...the other night at about oh....1:30 am there was a blinding light and a crash of thunder that shook our house. Literally. Shook. the. House. It was scary. I was thinking a 747 fell out of the sky and dropped into our backyard or maybe a tornado had touched down and we were about to be swept away to Oz. I would dig hanging with the Munchkins...the flying monkeys would scare me tho...
but I digress.
So the storm was fierce. Whilst I was able to doze back I was awoken soon by the feeling that someone was staring at me. I opened one weary eye and saw in very close proximity to my face, CrazyDogs snout. The poor little guy was shaking like a leaf and doing his best to be as close to me as he could. I rubbed his little head and talked reassuringly to him in my best reassuring voice and soon he laid down and we were all able to go back to sleep.
Mags came home early today and we went to the nursing home to see her Dad. We spent a few hours with him and then came home. Maybe, hopefully we can relax and have agood night sleep.


Jud said...

Well, having a modest job is better than none, I think, at least in these times. It will help keep you sane. I am certain you can prove your worth through your work ethic and will do fine.

Hope the pop-in-law is doing OK.

Rob said...

Thanks for the good thoughts buddy. I appreciate them. Dad in law is hanging in there.
And yes it will be a modest job but I just found out today they will pay a big chunk of my health insurance bens. So fingers crossed...;)