Monday, June 15, 2009

The Internet Hates Me

So today was my first day at the new place. We got a lot done considering that there was a crew of electricians in there on scissor lifts installing lights and there were numerous trucks arriving during the day to be unloaded. The offices are still not done, as is the break room and, sadly the bathrooms. That's right, we're using porta-potties...oh, sorry, "Mr. John". Gross.
My coworkers are very cool and this is a great relief to me. I had the 'new guy' concerns, you know..nobody bothers with you, you get the majority of the work, people aren't willing to help you too opposite with these guys.
So anyway I come home to file my final unemployment claim and their website is goofy and has locked me out. I need to call and talk with someone. I call and am told by that generic computerized voice my wait will be 45 minutes. Crap. I need to do this so I hang on. When my call is finally answered by a lovely woman named Alberta (or something like that) I am asked the standard questions and she types in all my info..I am put on hold, asked more questions, put on hold, asked more questions, put on get the picture. Long story short, after waiting 45 minutes to speak to someone, being put on hold 6 times during that call, answering every question under the sun, including the old, "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck..?", I am told their system will not let even kindly ol' Alberta process my claim. So now I must wait. She said she'd call if it did not get done. So far, no call.
I then tried to apply for my benefits for my new job online. My new employee ID number is apparently invalid.
Then, I tried to log into the game on Facebook called YoVille. YoVille was temporarily down for service.
So while I had a good day at work, my computer time was slightly not so good.


Jud said...

Yes, Connor, the internet and I were talking and it does hate you. Always has. I am surprised the two of you lasted as long as you did together.

((just kidding, but I can appreciate your frustration))

Rob said...

LOL! I knew it! ..

Nelle said...

LOL perhaps this was connected to the phone issues on Sunday!