Sunday, July 11, 2010

This and That

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Mags. Thursday was her B-day and as you know Ive been lazy about posting. So Happy birthday QT.

Lots going on here. Lots of stressful events which, for our privacy (and what remains of our sanity) I won't get into.

So King James is going to Miami. Do any of us give a rats ass? No. Only the people in Miami. Weird that people in Cleveland were burning LeBrons jerseys in the street. I'm like "Dude. You probably paid a hundred bucks for that Jersey!" I guess since the economy is so good people can afford to just throw money away. And If anyone feels that way, Ill send you my address and we will put it to good use. We'll probably just do something silly with it. Pay a bill, get prescription medicines, you know....we're kooky like that.

It finally rained yesterday. Granted it was only for an hour or so but the Earth here in Jersey is literally scorched. We have a water basin next to my place of employment that is usually a couple of feet deep, complete with Canadian Geese, little swallows flitting down to snipe water-bugs and of course, hundreds of the tiniest frogs I've ever seen. By Friday it was nothing but a dried layer of pond scum sitting on the ground. There is a 'water restriction' in our town, so watering can only be done by hand-held hose or watering can. I'm sneaky and put the sprinkler out back, but only for ten minutes or so. Just to keep the grass from combusting.

Work has been a little crazy. For one thing there is no A/C. And by ten am it is about 90 degrees inside. Don't even ask what it's like by 130 or 2. I'm usually soaked with sweat(Sexy right?), stumbling around and mumbling incoherently about the singing penguins and the juggling mice. (Hey it's my heat-induced hallucination). Thankfully they've been giving us an extra break around one and some days they buy cases of Gatorade for us. So that is nice. Someone last week also snuck into the break room and lowered the thermostat 5 degrees. But I don't know who that was.

Hopefully today will be a day of relaxation. We need it.

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Jud said...

Happy birthday to your charming bride, buddy. Sorry I missed it. I will have to send her a note.

I could not believe that LeBron's move was worth of an ESPN special. I can only imagine which NFL 'stars' are working with their agents to line up a similar bit of self-aggrandizement. I may have mis-spelled that, but oh well. Blogger can add a spell checker.

I had heard it was sweltering up your way, but I had missed news of the drought. Here in Dixie we are 'blessed' with temps in the 90s and humidity to match. It is usually good for an afternoon frog-strangler a couple of days a week.

It is kind of funny to have folks in from Phoenix or Laredo or other such climes complaining about the weather here. In Phoenix it might be 112, but no humidity. Even the mightest coating of Aquanet is no match for the humidity, and many a white-trash hairdo has fallen with a cartoony sounding 'sproing' upon leaving the beauty salon and entering the sauna that is Alabama.

Cheers to you and the Mrs. I hope you get the rain you need and the rest you deserve. Maybe you can find a nice dark, cool bar, where they know how to properly pour a pint of Guinness, or perhaps even a mouth-watering Black & Tan.