Saturday, July 3, 2010

Take My Face Off the Milk Carton.

So i havent blogged in forever. lots going on. Mags was again hospitalized and this time it was pretty bad. She spent a week in Intensive Care. She is now back to work and feeling better. Finally. She has been sick so very long and now, hopefully, she's back on track. It's hard to see someone you care about go through this. Harder still is when people ask you how she is and then say "she's still sick?? How can that be?" They just don't understand.

So work is busy, lots going on. We had yesterday off and the company had an "Employee Appreciation Day" at the local park. lots of food and an intense game of WiffleBall. lots of fun. Plus we got paid for the day. What could be better than that.

B.P. is continuing to destroy the planet, thanks for that guys. May the maggots of twenty dead manatees infest your underwear drawer.

Ive already watered my poor lawn. We are in kind of a drought situation here in Jersey. Scorching heat for two weeks and no rain in sight until next week. The forecast has several times promised rain but the rain just passes us by. Gonna be in the 90's from Sunday until Wednesday, when it may rain. Maybe.

So the boys from America are out of the World Cup. Thanks in no small part to the shitty officiating. Bad calls and non-calls sunk us again. And to the referees, see above regarding the whole underwear drawer thing.
Don't know whats going on this weekend. Might go to the shore tonight to walk the boardwalk. Playing it by ear.

So thats it. Hopefully I can get motivated to write more often. The news is full of crazy crap so we'll see.

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Jud said...

Yes, you need to write more. Maybe not daily, but damn, with some more regularity. I miss your wit.

Glad to hear Mags is better. It was nice to see her smiling in the most recent pic I saw on the social networking site.

And yes, BP has really mucked up the Gulf. I had been to the Gulf 3 times over the winter and spring, and enjoyed walking on the beach and admiring the sun, surf and sand. Now, it is soiled. Not permanently, but for a while. I have friends that own businesses that need the tourist trade to remain healthy, and they are being pummeled this year.

It has not been a good ten years on the Gulf Coast - devastating hurricanes, a real estate bubble, a recession, and now a colossal oil spill.

That said, if you are planning to head South, let me know. There are plenty of other beautiful sites to see and things to do. And the food, ah, the food.