Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain.

So the weekend started with both of us 'sleeping in'. That phrase is in quotations because really, 730 is late for us. I get up and 530 for work and Mags usually gets up with me. So sleeping 'til 730 is quite a happening.

Weather today is just crap. Heavy driving rains that might turn to snow later. Super. The dampness is killing me. Might need to take something for my back. Perfect day for a hot-tub.

We (Mags) decided that today we would put up the tree. (pictures will be posted soon) Not a big deal. The hardest part is getting into the attic and passing all the stuff down to Mags and then carting it downstairs to the living room and getting it all set up. We have lots of ornaments and decorations and usually it takes us a day or two to get everything set up. Our only real problem is Chainsaw. He is too interested in the ornaments, more specifically, the old-style glass ones. But just the tear-drop shaped ones. He is weird. So just about three minutes after putting the last ornament on the tree he reached up and flipped one of the old-style, glass, tear-drop-shaped ornaments onto the floor and broke it. Well, at least we have that out of the way. That was a new record by the way. Good job you little prick.

So I ran out and grabbed some lunch at our local Wendys and now we're just chillin'. Hoping something good is on HBO tonight.

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