Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Dirty 'Oul Day

I speak, again, of rain. It's bucketing here. Again.

So it's Sunday and I've not posted in a week. Honestly, nothing has been going on. Ive been working. Picking up some O.T. as we are having our warehouse sale. Even worked yesterday. Six hours. I'd rather be home but I'll enjoy the extra scratch in my check.

Got home from work and Mags had gotten herself all dolled up (She's cute without make-up too) and decided we needed to go out to eat. Sh'e right. We haven't been out in sooo long and really, who deserves it more than us? So we headed to our local Chilis. Dontcha just love Chilis? We were lucky to get in when we did. We were seated immediately and within ten minutes it was packed to the gills. We got the two for $20 deal. Our appetizer was the Tostada chips and salsa (which I think I could live on) and I had the ribs and Mags had a pulled pork sandwich. I'm not sure what 'pulled' pork is exactly. Maybe the pig that fought the hardest at the round-up? Not sure but Mags liked it. For desert we got the hot fudge brownie with vanilla ice-cream toppin' it. A very good dinner for under 30 bucks.

Next stop was to say hi to her folks and then it was home to watch 'Body of Lies' Interesting flick. Decaprio and Crowe did a good job on this one.

One of the best parts of winter coming is that we have broken out the down comforter. This thing is sweeet. It would keep you warm if you were sleeping outdoors in January. Seriously.

Well thats it for now. Exciting, I know. Stay warm.

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Jud said...

Well, Connor, you need to take a trip down South and learn about BBQ.

Pulled pork is different than sliced or chopped. Sliced pork is just that, sliced into pieces like carving a turkey. Chopped pork is cut away from the bone and the diced or minced with a knife.

Pulled pork is just that: the meat is pulled by hand away from the bone and torn into smaller pieces.

Glad you and the Mrs. are doing well and had the chance to enjoy a night out.