Friday, November 27, 2009

May I Present...Mr. Buns

The funny looking terrycloth bunny you see here is 'Mr Buns.' He belongs to our cat, Chainsaw.
Way back when when I first met Mags and was wooing her, I met her dog. Sandie was a sweet little Sheltie who really took her time getting to know/like me.
I felt the best way to win this dog over was as you would any other female. I bought her a gift. The little plush bunny you see above was actually a dog toy. No squeaker, no jingles, just a plain ol' bunny. I walked into the living room where Sandie was sitting and she watched me tentatively. I walked to her and produced Buns. Sandie sniffed him, looked up at me and walked away. Mission failed.
Enter Chainsaw two years later. We were settling into bed one night when we heard this plaintive wail and then heard it again. And again and again. We were curious what was going on with the cat and walked out of the bedroom to see.

There was the cat with Buns hanging out of his mouth, continuing to cry. Very odd I thought. I told Mags and we had a laugh. Well, we figured this was a passing phase. But no, no it was not. Buns is Chainsaws S.O. apparently. The two are never far apart. They sleep together and very often we will find the cat with the bunny in his mouth or simply on the rug licking him.
If we put Buns on a shelf or counter, Chainsaw will whine and cry and reach his long grey arms up to whack the rabbit down to the floor.

Late at night, every night, we will hear the sound of the cat meowing like he is being tortured. He is really actually calling out to his terry-cloth amigo and he will continue this until he finds him. He will then pick up the rabbit, crying still, carry him up the stairs into our bedroom and place him on the floor. He will then curl his body around him and go to sleep.

Since the rabbit spends most of his time in the cats mouth, we have washed him before. Each time we do, the cat freaks out and will lick the rabbit a thousand times until he stinks again.

Weird huh?

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Jud said...

That is perhaps the neatest, coolest animal story I have heard in a long time. Very cool.