Monday, November 16, 2009

We Have An Answer!!

Yes, finally. An answer to Mags' situation. She had a TTE test on Friday morning which involves a long hose-type thinger being forced down your throat and the little camera that is attatched can peek around in one's chest.
Mags' cardiologist, Dr. Jack. is head of cardiology at the hospital Mags was in and he happened to be at the hospital visiting her at the time of the test. He took his own time and went down with her for support/comfort/and to get a look at what the heck was going on. Great guy this doc.

Well, end result is periocarditis. An infection on the heart valve. They call it 'vegetation' growing on the heart valve. Ironically, it is on her Mitral valve and not on the artificial Aortic valve that she had installed in '04. The odds of getting the infection on the artificial valve were slim but the odds of getting it on the mitral were even slimmer. Talk about crappy luck.

Soon after the test results were dropped Mags was told she had to have a PICC line inserted into her arm, into a vein that runs to her heart. She will be getting intravenous antibiotics twice a day at home. A nurse came to the house to show us how to do it. Her name is Cindy and she is super nice and a smart cookie. She gave us the rundown and spent three hours at our house, answering questions explaining the PICC line, etc.

So heres to hoping the anti's work. If they don't Mags faces the possibility of yet another open-heart surgery to replace yet another heart valve.

So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and send any positive vibes or good Mojo you may have her way.

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Jud said...

Can you feel the positive ways?? That almost sounds like a line Donald Sutherland might have said in Kelly's heroes.

As scary as Mags' situation sounds, you know what it is and there sounds like there is a good treatment for it.

Tell Mags that Little One and I continue to keep ya'll in our prayers.