Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Do You Mean You're Cutting Back on My Treats???

So tonight I harnessed CrazyDog and drove up to Route9 to see his vet, Dr. Scott. It had been a little over a year and the pooch needed two shots and a physical. Dr. Scott is a great vet and he truly cares about his patients. And he's cool too. He'll actually spend the time with you and explain all that needs 'splainin'.

So generally, CrazyDog is good in the car. He's a bit nervous by nature and he will not sit in the car. This makes his owner/chauffeur nervous, but we get there without incident. Last time we were here, CrazyDog dropped a few little Havanas on the tile floor of Dr. Scotts office. I offered to clean up after him but was told that was not necessary. A young guy, an intern I'm guessing came out of the back with a scooper and bin for the offensive offering. This time, I'm happy to report, the only thing dropped on the floor were two drops of drool. (From me when I saw the bill....)

So CrazyDog got a clean bill of health aside form one tiny thing. He is overweight. 5 pounds or so. Now I have to cut back on his feedings. And honestly, I thought his servings were spot on. 'Not so', said Dr. Scott. So he gave me a recommended dose and said to work the pooch a little more. More exercise, less treats. Bummer eh?

Anyways ...the dog is good and healthy for another year.



Jud said...

I am fearful Pupps may adopt my sedentary lifestyle. For now, though, she gets her exercise chasing squirrels and rabbits.

Connor said...

CrazyDog would love to chase squirrels, but Im afraid if we let him out of the yard we'd never see him again.He'd chase that squirrel forever.