Saturday, October 3, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

So Mags has been home a week now and she is still down and out. She coughs alot and is still feeling like crap. She awoke again the other night with horrible 'night-sweats' and is now developing another problem. She is under the care of some good doctors but still the time it is taking her to heal is frustrating to all of us. Especially her. Her son came over today and the boy was clearly worried about her. He began to lecture her on various ways she should be taking care of herself. I think it bugged Mags a bit but he is worried about her and it wouldn't show anymore on his face if her were wearing a neon-sign across his chin that said..well..."I'm worried about you." He left a bit frustrated. He is a great guy and is sincerely concerned about his mother. He expressed concern about her medication and was mentioning that one of the greatest threats was an error made by hospital or pharmacy regarding her medication. Wrong pills. Wrong dose. Etc. I tried to assure him that I take care of her meds and I am very careful about reading directions, warnings, side-effects etc. He was still shaken when he left. At the moment, Mags is lying down having a little siesta. Whatever this is it is kicking her arse. She apologizes for sleeping so much and I tell her that it is okay. This is part of healing. She needs the rest.

Last night and this afternoon we spent a few hours catching up on everything I had DVR'd while she was hospitalized.

I spent the morning weeding our flower beds. Getting them ready for winter. I pulled out some nasty looking things and we now have a creeping flowery kind of thing in our yard. I don't know where it came from but it is tough to remove. I also laid some of that fabricky stuff you put down to keep weeds from growing up. You know what I a blanket and you cut around the plants...I just don't know what its called. Pleased with myself, I went to the shed for some mulch to put over that and realized we had none. So tomorrow I'm going to Lowes for a bag or two of mulch. Glad I got it done early because now it is raining.

Speaking of the shed, there is no longer any signs of the rat.

Work is going well. We are having some issues with the second shift guys but hopefully that will be remedied soon. I'm really liking this job I think. The bosses are cool and my coworkers are cool too.

I am continuously putting songs into my iPod. It's amazing how much is there and there are still cd's I haven't loaded. Maybe today....

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Jud said...

Sounds like you are doing your best to care for Mags. Good for you, and good that her boy is concerned, too.

Hang in there.