Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some Pics

So I have this new job and when I come home I am simply wiped out. Lots o' lifting. A job for a younger man perhaps. Most of my coworkers are 20 year old kids. Half my age and they seem to be better suited to it than I. I'm not complaining, I like my job. A lot. Just explaining my lack of posting.

So last night I watched the Sox and Yanks and hung in until the 11th inning of a scoreless pitcher duel. Always exciting when these two teams play. Much more exciting when the boyos form Boston win, but again, I digress. I awoke to find that A-Rod launched a shot into the seats in the 15th to win it for the much-hated Stanks. Bad way to start your day, I know.

I have some pics from work I will post here.

The first pic is one of two fans we have on the ceiling in our place. They are 24 feet in diameter and they are Big Ass Fans. Really. That's the name of the company that makes them. They are really niec, if you happen to be working directly under them. They will, supposedly, lower the temp of our building 10-15 degrees if they are cranked up all the way. I can't wait to see that.

The second pic is my machine. It's a Crown 3450H. Not that means a whole lot to is a stand-up forklift. You stand on the platform (which you can barely see ) and it raises up into the air. It has a reach height of about 35 feet or so, which brings us to pic number 3. The dude on the ground is my work buddy Sergio. I'm about 25 feet up in this pic. To give you a better idea of my distance from the safety of the floor, Serg is about 6'0 tall.

The final pic is display cases I was stacking with my machine. They are stacked 5 high and are about 5' tall per rack. It's a wee bit nerve-racking being up that high with that load behind you, trying to place it onto the existing cases. They have four posts, one on each corner, and you must rest the next case on them perfectly. Whilst performing said task I looked down and the three top dawgs in the place were staring up at me , mouths agape. I lowered meself and asked what was up. They said nothing, they had just never seen anyone stack the cases with that particular machine.

Much later in the day, the head of our sight called me offer and told me that was a very good idea, but (thankfully) from this point forward we will only be stacking 4 high. Whew.

Well my lawn needs cutting and sadly, it will not cut itself.

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Jud said...

Work is no excuse not to post more frequently, you dang slacker. (Just kidding, of course.) I broke the belt on my mower and managed to run over some yellow jackets and get stung, so I hope you have better luck than did I.