Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Only Rain. Press the Gas Pedal..

I awoke to heavy rains lashing against our bedroom window. The sound is, to me anyways, magical. It helps me sleep. Lulls me to sleep, keeps me asleep, makes me want to remain asleep, or at the least, stay in bed. But again, I digress.
I dragged my little butt out of bed and into the kitchen where I fixed, in this order, the cat's breakfast, the dog's and then my tea. I sat and watched the rain through the sliding door and tried to waken myself. I watched the song birds flit from tree to tree to our feeder and watched the chipmunks that have, apparently, taken up residence under my shed, dash out into the grass and scoot thougt the fence into my neighbors yard...now where was I going? Oh. Right.
So I hop into my car and make a quick stop at the Starbucks that is located in the Stupid Stop and Shop I pass every morning. I chat up Ruth and on my way. So here's my beef. Why is it that when it rains people lose the ability to drive? I mean really. They drive slower, brake harder, and keep a much greater distance between themselves. "Smart, safe driving Connor..that's why.." I bet you're all saying. No. Look. The road is wet. With water. Not ice. Have we not learned how to drive in the rain yet? Rain is not a new event. It has been raining for how long? I dunno... since the beginning of freakin' time...
How long will it take you guys to adjust? It's not that hard. My main route of travel is Route 130 South. Posted speed limit is 55. Most people here do 65-70. Today, because of the rain, we are reduced to 35-45. Come on. Just pull to the left and let the guy who knows how to drive get to work. Please??
I am from New England and therefore, I can drive 80 on ice. Snow does not bother me, nor does sleet, hurricane winds, moose or whatever else. Maybe I could open a driving school and give lessons in 'wet-weather driving' to these hapless New Jerey drivers.....oh I can hear Mags laughing already at the thought..


Jud said...

We did not have "Moose" on the driving test here in the Deep South. An inch of snow, or even the strong possibility of an inch of snow, can close schools. I kid you not. If there is ice, the close the interstates.

Madam Z said...

Um...Connor dear, many of us fear the slipperiness caused by wetness of road surfaces. It's also harder to see through your windows when water is gushing out of the sky. "Smart, safe driving" is preferable to dumb, dangerous driving, IMHO. Of course, I'm from California, not New England, so I'm unschooled in driving "80 on ice." Thank goodness! Be careful, okay? Mags needs you!

Anonymous said...

WHO taught you how to drive thru New York City??? LOL LOL