Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fine. Eat All My Birdseed.....Sheeesh

So almost every day I find myself chasing two naughty little tree-rats (squirrels) away form our bird feeder. It involves me yelling, clapping my hands and often throwing something at the offending little rodents. I don't try to hit them (OK I have once or twice) but I do my bast to discourage them from eating the food I put out for my feathered friends.

So the other day I was attempting to shoo away one little fella and he sat and looked at me. Noticing I had no weapon he taunted me...'chatter chatter squeeek chatter chatter' (or something along those lines....I picked up a stick from next to my compost pile and start waving it at him like I was shooing off a very large bird of prey. He chattered once more and scurried up the tree.

Well today I realised what his chattering meant. Apparently it meant "I have a big brother and he's going to come here and whup your little human butt," because this is what I found at my feeder this morning....

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