Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Know..I'm Just Being Lazy...

I haven't posted in over a week and I apologise to my faithful following..all three of you. The week has been busy at work and I come home wiped out. Lots of heavy lifting. It's definitely hard work but I'm not complaining. Just stating...oh never mind.
As I said in my last post Mags was down with a dose of pneumonia. She hasn't felt good for a long time. She went back to the doctor and told her so and the doctor suggested a CT Scan. The office would call the insurance company and set it up. Of course the brainiacs at the insurance company denied it saying that Mags had had a CT Scan "only 7 months ago". Thank goodness everyone at UHC is a trained physician/psychic and can determine that nothing had grown in her lungs since then. Long story short, neither of us was pleased. On Wednesday night I came home from work and found Mags in a good sleep. She had finally been able to get a nap in. I moved about the house in Ninja mode as not to disturb her and hog-tied both the animals.
When she finally came downstairs she said to me "I think I need to go to the E.R."
I almost fell over. When my wife tells me she wants to go to the E.R., she is sick. If I were to suggest it she would scoff and say something along the lines of "don't make me get you in a headlock little man." So I ate my dinner quickly and off to the E.R. we went. Luckily it was slow night and we got in relatively quickly. Herself was hooked into an IV, which she really, really, really dislikes. The nurse with the needle however, was apparently top of her class in 'I.V. needle insertion' or whatever they call it nowadays. First shot. No collapsed veins. Good job Tracy.
So then she was give I.V. fluids, taken for a chest x-ray, then waiting, then a CT Scan (both of which were clean save for the scarring in her lungs from the massive radiation she had whilst battling Hodgkin's some time ago. Her nurse Joella was also very good.
We then waited for blood work results and for the doc to read all the films. He said the pneumonia has cleared and she is just feeling like poo because of well, the pneumonia.
We rolled up to our house at midnight and then were off to bed. I made the mistake of having a Coke at the E.R. A Coke with caffeine. Big mistake. I usually don't take caffeine after 3pm because, well I won't sleep because I'm wire for sound. I laid there until 1:30 and then was awake for work at 5. Bummer right? So I plodded through the day without killing myself or anyone (or anything) else.
Good news is, Mags is feeling much better and actually went to work yesterday. She already has done some errands this morning including a stop at the beer store to pick up some Sam Adams Summer Ale for me. ( Isn't she sweet) She says it's 'Connor Appreciation Day'
It certainly is nice to be appreciated.
I had my mop clipped this morning and stopped in to see Bubs and J.W. We may be going back later.Now, while I am still motivated, I must cut the grass.
Have a good weekend all....

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Madam Z said...

"Connor Appreciation Day" How sweet! You two sound like such a sweet, loving couple. I Hope Mags is in fine health by now.