Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mags

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to the cutie pictured here. I always try to post on her B-Day but did not get around to it last night.
Mags is sadly, under the weather at the mo'. She is as tough as nails and when she breaks down and goes to the doc, she's sick. So I get a call at work and I am informed the lovely one has pneumonia. You heard me right. Nu-Mon-i-a.
So she spent yesterday trying to rest. I swung by the market to pick up some sunflowers to cheer her up, Mendokers to pick up her birthday cake. A nice all-chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filling, strawberry's on it and a nice chocolate ganosh filling. About 3 billion calories but worth every bite. Then across to the next town to pick up her scripts.
She was told by her doc to take the rest of the week off from work. To rest. When I called her on my lunch break she was sweeping the kitchen floor, doing laundry, grooming the cat and working on her juggling routine. Okay, maybe she wasn't juggling, but she needed to be resting.
Anyways, hopefully she can take it easy tomorrow and be feeling better by the weekend.
Happy birthday sweety!


Nelle said...

It I didn't get twenty phone calls a day with people checking up on me I might be able to rest. I didn't do THAT much either!!!

Jud said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Mag! Do get some rest. Nu-mo-ni-a can be a real bear.