Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Post Will Ramble..Be Warned

OKay so I'm in the mood to blog but have no 'destination' in mind. So bear with me..or just go read Juds. He's got a good blog so you can't lose.

On Saturday we were both awake at the crack of dawn. Again. Part of the problem is the fact that our bedroom is on the east-facing portion of our home. Add to that the fact that we have some very sheer lacy pretty curtains and they are covered by some somewhat sheer white curtains. I told Mags it's like being in a Nazi interrogation room. The room is filled with light at 505 am and being a big baby, I cannot sleep with all that light flooding in. I also need it to be almost silent to go to sleep (I'm a lot of work aren't I??). But I digress.
My back is feeling better today. I had some pretty heavy pain going on during the end of last week into early Saturday morning. I am feeling better today, although, I've been up since 5. Mags went back to bed at 7 and just got up around 1030 or so. I'm happy she did because she hasn't been feeling to good. And besides, whilst I may be slightly grumpy, I can get by on less sleep better than she can.

Yesterday we went to the in-laws for most of the afternoon and evening. We grilled some good food and Mag and her sis whipped up some salads, including potato, fruit and green. Plus Mags marinated a tasty sirloin. Dotties man Dave was the Master of the Flame for the evenings festivities. He's a really nice guy and he seems to genuinely care for Dottie. Plus he cooks a mean hamburger. So he's good in my book.

Dottie pureed a couple of burgers for the Big Guy and he enjoyed those. We sat and had some good conversation after dinner. I like to see Mags and her sis just sitting together talking. They don't see each other too often and between them they are really holding things together for their mom in this very hard time. I'm not sure what Bubs will do when Dottie has to go back to Albany. We will of course be here to assist.

There is one thing that burns my little ass and I guess maybe unless you know my SIL you can't truly appreciate this but...both Bubs and my SIL own Boston Terriers. A nurse at the rehab told Bubs that a standard collar is very bad for these dogs because a) they have respiratory problems becasue of their flattened little snouts and b) they are 'pullers' and choke themselves when you wlak them. plus c) they get hung up with a collar and hang themselves. All bad right?? So he suggested a harness. Two weeks ago Bubs asked me if I'd be so kind as to go to our local PetSmart and get her a harness. "Of course" says I, and I did. A pretty pink number with little white paw prints all over it. Now here's my problem, the SIL comes over and decides the dog would rather choke herself to death and puts the collar 'back' on her (because her dog wears a collar) And when I go over I have to put the harness back on her. Really?? What's the deal here?
I threatened last night to Super-Glue the harness on her. Bubs chuckled a bit so I think that means it's okay...doesn't it??

Today I think we may run to our local Wegmans and maybe visit again. We've had a good weekend so far, and lest I jinx Meself, it has not rained once....shhh...

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Jud said...

Thanks for the recommendation of my blog.

As far as grilling, you can't beat someone that knows their way around a grill. I hate to be called on to grill on someone's setup, because you don't know where the hotspots are, it's harder to judge cooking times, etc. I think I need the home-grill advantage.

I concur that harnesses are the way to go with a lot of dogs. I think they enjoy walking more on them than on chokers. If Ihad a big dog I might need a choker to help control them, but Pupps only weighs about 14 lbs. so if she gets into trouble I can literally yank her out of harm's way.