Monday, April 13, 2009

So I posted, or I think I did that the movie giant Netflix had called me an wanted to talk to me about a position in their warehouse in a nearby town. I finally touched base with a nice young dude named Joshua and we spoke for about twenty minutes as he asked me about my time at Dumass Shipping Inc., what I had done, how were my interviewing skills. Alas, I had never interviewed anyone as we used temps a lot and they just showed up from the agency. He also asked me to tell him how an average day would be like for me. I ran through my routine and he asked me how I dealt with things like tardiness, problem employees. One thing I told him was that, as a super, I would just set the guys (or girls) up with their job and find other boss-type stuff to do. I'd occasionally pop in and check on the crew. Because really, nobody likes a boss who hangs over your shoulder. I had a few of those and they really make me nutso. He asked me some more stuff and he actually had me on the phone for over 20 minutes but he finally told me that I really didn't have the experience they were looking for for this position. I mean he was a nice guy about it and all and he did, however, tell me he would keep my resume on hand. So I guess that's good. Of course, for all I know he was folding it into a crane and giggling under his breath while he was saying that. I hope not...
So, disappointed, I screamed "mothermuffinberrybaskets!!" or something like that, threw my cell phone out the window and drove over a freshly planted azalea. ( I was trying for the squirrel)
Okay I really didn't do any of that. But I was disappointed. Mags tells me that he had to be somewhat interested to keep me on the phone for 20 minutes.
Today I also repainted our upstairs bathroom. That weird spot to the left is actually a reflection off of Mags Make-up mirror. I don't like that mirror because it shows all my grays in shocking clarity. Man I'm gettin' old fast...
Today the bathroom...tomorrow the guestroom.

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