Wednesday, April 15, 2009

and now...the Guestroom

So the day before yesterday, when I did not get a job with Netflix, we had a nice lunch at our local Longhorn steak house. The lunch menu is pretty good and the prices are hard to beat for the quality of food you will get. We  then went to our local Wal-Mart and picked up a few things, including a gallon of paint, 95% was applied to our guestroom walls, the other 5% found it's way onto the drop cloth or myself. 
The paint was a very basic color. I think it was called Shea Butter. I took my time and worked somewhat productively until lunch, when Mags whipped up some chicken salad sandwiches. After lunch came the hard part. Moving the giant Armoir. It was loaded with clothes and various objects we had no room for anywhere else and it actually took both of us to get it moved three feet. Just enough that I could squeeze in and get the walls around it. More huffing and puffing and we got said object of furniture back into place and I was headed for the home-stretch. The final wall. I was really worried about not having enough paint, but I did just make it. I snapped this pic just so you could get an idea of the color. Mags did all the decorating so I cannot take any credit for that. If it were up to me to decorate a room, I would paint it a nice color of pale green or blue and it would contain exactly three things. A flat-screen TV to watch hockey on, a fridge containing beer and snacks-that-go-with-beer, cheese crackers and the such, and a very over sized chair.  So, there you have it.
It is raining again here in Joisey. I think it has been raining since, lets see...February. I generally like the rain. The whole thunder and lightning bit ( odd for a guy with two steel bars screwed to his spine, I know) but it is getting a bit monotonous. I did get out early during a 'break' in the rain and apply my 'weed & feed' to our 'lawn'. We used to have a lawn, a lovely lawn, until Scott's decided it would be a good idea to apply our fertilizer treatment on a day when the temp was near 104 degrees. It just hasn't been the same since. They have, of course, denied any wrong doing. Bastards!
Speaking of bastards, we have again been told by Monumental Insurance that they have not received required forms to process Mags' loan insurance. I think it's time to call the Better Business Bureau. 

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