Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good News and Yard Work

First the good news. We  have received the results of Mags CT Scan and whatever was spotted on the x-ray is not showing on the CT Scan. So this has made us both very happy. Although she still has a nasty cough and is, still married to me. So keep her in your prayers. 

So last night I had one of my Restless Leg nights and apparently I really pummeled Mags in my sleep. I feel very bad when I do this but I really cannot control it and I'm (mostly) unaware of it.
She had been having a lot of pain in her chest/side and when she finally got into a comfortable position, I kicked her like a Mick kicks a Prot. Twice. On the third kick she leapt out of bed and told me that tonight I was going to be hog-tied. 
So I decided to take CrazyDog into the yard and entertain him so Mags could rest. This dog is a full-time job in himself I tell you. I stayed in the yard for about 45 minutes kicking his little soccer ball and when he started to conk out I headed out into the back of the property to try and clear some brush. See, my property abuts a Conservation easement. Awesome in all aspects including the fact that nobody can ever build behind us. Well, that's what we are told. New Jersey is so corrupt and sneaky that who knows? Up the road the government may just say "Screw the woodland creatures. Let's build!"
Behind my shed our property goes back about another 30 feet but it is overgrown with those sticker bushes and they are thick. So I spent the majority of the day hacking away at them with a pair of Fiskar shrub shears. Lots of work. Then I tried to rake the remnants into my growing compost heap. After about three hours I sat in my Zen Garden and watched the birds at the feeder. The little ones are pretty brave and come really close. This is an older pick of our Zen Garden. I've trimmed away quite a bit more of the stickers.
 I then drove to our local Home Depot for some top soil and filled in the dead spots created by a certain dog whose name will go unmentioned.
 Long story short, it will be a Vicodin night. Yeah me. At least I'll sleep...hopefully


Jud said...

Great news on Mags. Stay busy. Enjoy the peace of the outdoors.

carrie said...

i want that yin/yang garden thingy.