Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can The Woman Get A Break??

So Mags is still down and out and her doctor (at Mag's insistence) finally sent her for a chest xray. We drive to Freehold Radiology and we are taken in almost immediately. I am sitting waiting when the nurse comes out and calls my last name. I'm sitting for a second thinking 'that's weird another person with that name here at the same time.' She calls it again and I realize 'Duh! She's talking to you dummy.' I jump up and walk over "Is everything okay?" I ask. "Come with me," replies nurse Betty. I start to worry a bit. "What is wrong?" She points me into the room and says "she has a bad nosebleed." Okay. But if it were that bad, wouldn't you get a nurse and not her husband?..but that's just me making sense again.
I walk in and sure enough, Mags has blood flowing out of her nose. This was the third big nosebleed in as many days and it concerned both of us. Since she is on a blood-thinner, the blood flowed freely. Nose bleed contained we headed home and Mags crashed into the chair. She, at this point, is wiped out. I don't know where I was but the Radiology Office called just about 3 hours after we got home and told Mags that they found 'nodule' in her left lung and should have it Cat Scanned immediately. Super. Given Mags history of cancer she immediately thought the worse. I tried to tell her not to rush to any conclusions until we know the facts. We are going today for the CT Scan and we are both hoping for the best.
On top of all this she is dealing with a insurance company that is supposed to be paying her car payments while she is unemployed. That's a whole 'nother entry in itself, believe me. They have been dogging her every step of the way and still have yet to make a payment for her. 
On top of all that she is married to me...God help her.

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Jud said...

Ouch. Sounds like a bad day for Mags, and by default, you too.

Try to be there for her as much as you can....remember to listen...just listen. And don't leave dirty clothes everywhere.

I have no other marital advice, and any marital advice I try to offer should probably be ignored, as my life is largely a cautionary tale to others.