Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So due to nothing else but laziness and lack of excitement, I haven't posted in 6 days or so.
I have been doing a lot of work in the yard and reading at night. I went to our local library and picked up a book by my favorite author Howard Frank Mosher. The latest book I just read was called "On Kingdom Mountain." All Howards books are set in Northern Vermont in 'the Kingdom'.
He is a great writer, even often compared to Mark Twain. His books are fun to read as the characters are all real 'characters'. You should check him out. All of you. Now.
I also attended another 'job-fair' today. It was much closer to home than the last one, but much the same result. People looking to hire professionals. I am getting frustrated. I did get a call from a temp agency and offered me a job, but the hours were kinda wacky and I didn't ask the agent who called me any questions. I was at the hospital having an ultrasound when he called so I was on the road and I told him I'd call him back. When I got home I told Mags the good news. She said there were some things I should find out before jumping for the job. So I called his office and he was of course, not there. I left a message but he never called back. He did this morning and apparently, the job I wanted had been, in less than 24 hours, given to someone else. He did offer me another job, with slightly wackier hours, to be a 'lead person'. The pay was still less than what I was making at my other job and close to what I'm making on unemployment. Very frustrating. More frustrating is this. If I spoke Spanish, I could make more. 
Look, I'm not prejudice, I like everyone and this may sound harsh...forgive me..don't call the ACLU, but why should I, as an American, have to learn a foreign language to make more money or even get a job in my own country?
Apparently, above mentioned Ultrasound showed 'nodules' on my Thyroid. What this means yet is any ones guess. I have to have a blood test done and see an Endocrinologist. Hopefully there is nothing to get worked up about, but given family history I'll be cautious and do the tests.
Saddened by the shocking suicide of Dr Kutner on my fave TV show 'House'. Apparently Kal Penn is leaving the show to go work with 'B' in the White house. Pretty impressive, but we will miss you Kutner.
I guess that's all...

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Jud said...

Kutner was a fun character.

Not disagreeing with you, but if the job required you to speak German or French and offered more money would you be similarly incensed?

Our parent company is Spanish and since being acquired we are being encouraged to learn it to more easily communicate with the mothership.

Hope the nodules are nothin.