Friday, April 17, 2009

Staying Busy

I woke up early yesterday with the intention of getting a lot done around here. I started the day by heading to the market for some groceries. The across the way to the bank. Then, I crossed route 9 and went to Lowes. Then I popped into Starbucks for one of their Artisan bacon breakfast sandwiches and a cup of tea. I had the intention of eating said sandwich once home, but the sandwich whispered to me....'eat me eeeaaatt meeee..' So I gave in and ate it. It was gone two miles form home. Yummy anyways.
It finally stopped raining and I was able to mow and trim the grass that I have remaining. I then filled the bird-feeder which those bastard squirrels keep emptying onto the ground, weeded the flower bed that runs along the length of our house and planted some bulbs in said garden. Whew. Oh and got some flowers planted in the shed window box.
Dinner last night was the final slow-cooker recipe of the year. Just threw some chicken thighs into the pot with some carrots and potatoes and some cream of mushroom soup and some spices. It wasn't bad but I was disappointed. It looked much tastier than it was.
We got caught up on the first two new episodes of Rescue Me. Good stuff. You should check it out.
Today will be more painting. Touching up the windowsills that CrazyDog has scuffed up by leaping up onto them so's he can see out the windows and bark at potential intruders.
Time to get crackin'.

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