Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm So Good I Got A Raise and I'm Not Even Working!

Yest it's true. Yesterday in the mail I received one of those 'official' letters from the State. You know, 'tear tab one, remove tab two, tear tab 3, open inwards' deals. Thanks to a certain plan by the man in the White House, since I am on the dole I will receive an additional 25 bucks a week! Sweet right?
On a more serious note, the job market blows. There really is nothing out there. I check four sources every day and unless I decide to do landscaping or work in a factory for 9 bucks an hour, it's pretty grim. But I plod on. I'm sending in about 4-5 online apps a week. The worse part is, nobody even calls. Two jobs were online scams I think. They reply immediately and then I clicked through 6 pages of work-at-home offers and adverts for colleges in far-flung places such as Calcutta Ohio and  Wilmington and Northern Georgia University (WANG U) and still can't figure out how to get any info on the 'job' they advertised. Humph. So that's where I'm at.  What's up witchoo?


Madam Z said...

Yikes! I didn't know you were in these dire straits. It's been almost 20 years since I was in the position of offering my "help no one wanted" and it was dreadful. My self-esteem was almost as depleted as my bank account, when my luck finally turned and I got a great job.

Don't give up hope! Madam Z predicts that your hidden talents will be discovered soon!

Jud said...

I quit a job a couple of years ago and did 'consulting' for about 6 months before being picked up. COBRA about killed me. I think I only got about 3 calls from all of the apps I submitted via Monster, etc. during that time.

On the beer side, I was at the local grocery store, and noticed a kindred spirit had make a six pack of half Bass/half Guiness, and thus had left me a pre-made Black and Tan six pack. I hope it was a really cute lady that is into "husky" married men.