Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hooked on Adobe

So as you can see, I've added a new header to my blog. Around Valentine's Day Mags was wishing we had a good photo-shop type program. We popped into our local Kohls (which we both love) and there in that same plaza is a Staples. Mags loves Staples. She has this thing with office supplies...but again I digress.
We went in and found Adobe Elements 7. It was pretty reasonable so we grabbed it. Well lately I have been really tinkering with it. If you click on Mags Simpson-type character it will bring you to her blog and you can see more of my Handy-work there. The more you use this program, the more you realise you can do with it...for example...the pic above of my niece Cassandra and Ms. Montana. I even found a pic of the microphone online and edited it to be the right size to fit Cassie's tiny little hand. Neato speedo right? She got a huge kick out of it but Miley Cyrus is now out and the Jonas Bros are in so I'm working on another similar photo except with Nick Jonas...
My new header was just something I did the other night. I was sick of the 'flatness' of my old one and went online to find free alphabets. They are actually for digital scrap booking but you can do with them as you wish. So I downloaded a bunch and dug around online and found a pic of my favorite brew in what seemed like a comfortable pub. As for the chicks, well I was doing an 'Easter' header for Mags and for some crazy reason felt the need to add these cute little guys to my blog. I was originally going to have the chicks lifting each other into the glass but found a bunch of chicks doing a ladder-type thing to the top of the pint to be much more entertaining...well to me anyways...hey and if I only amuse myself, that's okay. Often I'm the only one I do amuse. And again, that's okay.

The weather here is nasty. It's damp and rainy which means bad news for my back. I can have a hot bath and that helps..until I get out of the hot water. I'll be spending the evening sitting on the heating pad.

I've got a couple more watercolors to scan. 

I'm trying to get back into art again. When I was younger I drew all the time, filling sketchbook after sketchbook. I doodled and cartooned my coworkers now and then (most of them got a kick out of them..again, amusing myself) but for the most part gave it up. But then I see site like this and it makes me want to draw again. I'm tinkering with colored pencil , watercolor and just plain ol' graphite sketching pencils. Pencils are the most forgiving but I'm liking the results of watercolors....we'll see.

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sarala said...

Getting into watercolors sounds like a great idea. I've been meaning to revise my blog header for years but never get to it. Maybe I should buy Elements. Or learn to use Photoshop which I own but only use to lightly edit photos.