Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing is Amusing at 430 am.

So we're up early. Once we stir, our animals think it is time to start the day. This is true especially of the cat, who wants to be fed every three hours. I let the dog out at 4:30 and gave the cat a few bits of dry food to hold him until breakfast at 7 am.  
So here we sit. Me on my 'puter, Mags on hers...she sent me an email with some cartoons in it and I looked at them. Not too funny. Maybe, however in four or five hours they will be. I'm funny like that. My wife opens her eyes at no-matter-what-time and is instantly wide awake. I, however need much more prodding. This usually includes several strong cups of Irish tea and a hot shower. Not always in that order. I am, generally, not a morning person. I am told I am slightly wel...cranky when I first wake. Especially if it is before 6 am and for no good reason. ( example: See last entry on neighbors truck)
So anyways, I was checkingon my favorite blogs and every now and then I click the little 'next blog' button on the Blogger toolbar. You know, just to see what's out there. Can I say this without sounding like a dick? (*remember I've been awake since 430) are there any blogs written in English out there? I clicked 'next blog' more than twenty times and got one written in English and it's last entry showed a kid dressed as a BLT sandwich. 
I'm not predjudice, the bloggin community is a worldwide thing and maybe soem of them are really entertaining but is there something in our Blogger settings that will bring up only blogs written in English? Someone please help. It's too early and I'm starting to get cranky..

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