Saturday, March 14, 2009

Errands Run, Home Enjoying Tunes and Tea

Yes. All my errands have been run. it is only 12:30 and I've actually been home for over an hour.
This morning I ran (well, I took the car) to the Post Office to get stamps and mail a wedding gift for my cousin Erin who is taking the plunge later this month. Plunging literally. Her and her groom to be will jump from a '53 Grumman Goose, priest in tow and by the time the ceremony is done they should float safely down to their landing site, which is the deck of one of the Kennedys yachts that is docked in Newport. From there, they will pogo-stick to the reception hall where guests will dine on Kobe beef-burgers and Alpaca tacos. Okay, there won't be Alpaca. And really, they aren't pogo-sticking. Actually, it's all a lie. Except for the wedding part. That they are doing. And really, there may be a pogo-stick or two at the reception. There will certainly be a kazoo. Sorry, I'm bored. And digressing.
So yesterday a friend and former co-worker tells me her husband tattooed a guy who is working for a business that is in the building I used to work in.  And they are looking for help. So I head in that direction and pop into the Post Office in that town. I get incredibly luck and I have paid for a package to be sent and purchased a book of stamps in less than ten minutes. I drive over to my former place of employment and to my chagrin, notice my company's logo still on the door. I get out of the car and peer into the windows. Crap. The place is completely empty. So I drive back in the opposite direction and head for our local PetSmart. Once there I run in for a bag of food for CrazyDog and speak briefly with the young lass who grooms said beasty. Then I pop into AC Moore and have a look around. I grab a sketching pencil or two to replace worn down pencils and head home. Mags is not feeling so hot so hopefully we'll have a relaxing day today. We, well I will anyways, end the day by watching the main man in Jersey Martin Brodeur try for win 551. This will tie him for first in wins ever by a goaltender. Tying the great Patrick Roy. If you're into hockey, even if you're not a Devils fan, you should try and check it out. History baby, history.

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