Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shed Spring Cleaning

Thanks to my lovely wife, I was allowed to sleep in this morning. This is a good thing. I got up & had my tea and sat in my 'just-got-up' fog twenty or so minutes until the caffeine made it's way through my system. I then had my second cup and after said cup, decided I was feeling ambitious and said to Mags "Today I'll clean the shed." Her reply was one of concern. "Sure you wanna tackle that today Tiger?"
"Of course," says Me.
The weather has been damp and that makes my always hurting back hurt more, but I layered up and went out. Our shed is pretty small but we've got a lot of stuff in it and it, for the most part, neatly arranged. It does however, get out of control when someone (me)  gets lazy about looking after it. So today I decide to fix that. 
I pulled mostly everything out onto the lawn and swept the floor. The floor would not need sweeping if the little bastard field mice would move out. I do, unwittingly, feed them in the form of the bird-seed I spill when filling the bird feeder and that keeps them fat and happy. And they won't leave. I tried traps but honestly, I am an animal lover and can't stand the thought of hurting any animal, even though they have destroyed a perfectly good pair of work gloves, a pair of soccer shorts, and chewed the hell out of a great Guinness golf towel, gotten into my bird seed (one ate himself to death and I found him very fat and very much dead in the top of the container)  I have killed a few, unintentionally of course, over the last two years and I felt like crap. The worse was the two that were in the top of the lawn mower and got scared when I started it and tried to escape down through the bottom of the mower. It wasn't pretty.  A few still live in the top of the motor but I've since moved on to a reel-mower so they're safe. Even more are in the bottom of my golf bag....but I digress.
After sweeping the floor I had to rearrange all our tools and bags of seed and fertilizer. I then reworked our shelves and finally, after just abut two hours, had success. Now to keep it looking that good, right?
We, when I say we I mean mostly Mags, is on a mission to clean up the garage. We have been on a cleaning spree and have put our Brother Label maker to good use, labeling everything in the garage. It took awhile but it's done and we now know where (mostly) everything is.
I then trimmed CrazyDogs little paws, washed the kitchen floor and had me a long hot shower. The hot shower is really just as much about getting clean as it is about loosening up my back. So now I sit and surf. Relaxing listening to some tunes. 

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Jud said...

Tackling a shed is no small feat. The last time I really went after my shed I received quite a shock. I was lifting a tarp off of the top shelf and found a snake. He raised his head and looked at me. I ran out of there.

After gathering my wits I went back in, found said snake, determined he was not one of the local poisonous varieties, picked him up with a stick, and set him outside. I can't say my hand wasn't shaking a bit, though.