Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is Carjacking Really Bad??

So Unemployment has me home nowadays. I enjoy being home during the day. It allows me to spend time with the boys, to do a little cleaning and make some dinner for Mags who works so very hard during the day.
Being home also allows me to pursue one of my favorite past times. Video gaming. Yeah I know..I'm soon to be 40...but there is something about the escape of a video game that is so relaxing. It all started way back in the 'Pong' days and continues today. Although when I was in my teens I really spent alot of money in the video arcade. I was a junkie. Hey, Asteroids. Need I say more??
Nowadays I'm happy to spend a couple hours a day crusing through San Andreas. This game is so awesome. And it's huge! Meaning the layout. The sheer size and complexity of the game. The many vehicles you can fly, or drive...and of course the carjacking and drivebys. The game industry has come so far since I've discovered video games. Wait, am I'm aging Meself there?
Seriously, nothing soothes the unemployed soul like moving down a bunch of Ballas or cruising through a massive, fictional state in a low-rider, listening to some 80's West Coast Gangsta rap...
Woooo...too cool. 

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