Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another post?? Yes, But This Needs Saying

Living in New Jersey we, by 'we' I mean the good hockey loving folks who are Devils fans, are used to a very high standard of talent from the boyos in red. We've got Marty, Patty Elias, hell, they're all good. Thanks to the Devs brain trust and the wily hockey knowledge of 'Sweet'  Lou Lamoriello; we have been treated to some really good hockey over the years. Really good.  Since 1994-1995, they've won the Cup 3 out their 4 times in the Finals, which is pretty good and second in that category to only the Mighty Red Wings, who did it 4. And the Cup they won in '95 was over the Wings....but anyways. 
Last night I did a final check of email and my wife heard me mutter 'Holy Crap"
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong....It's good news. Brendan Shanahan is coming back to Jersey."
Yes. Brendan Shanahan who started his NHL career back in the '87 88' season with the Devils will be rejoining the squad this month. Nothing has been ironed out yet, but it will happen.
Over his almost 20-year career Shanny has put up some really good numbers. Let's take a look shall we?
1,490 games played 650 goals and 690 assists. that's 1,340 points. Almost a point a game people.
And that's not even his playoff stats. So things are looking good for the Devs, who are still in third despite being without Marty.
Shanahan was quoted as syaing "I'm really happy to be staying in the Northeast. My family is here and I'm even happier to be coming onboard with the Devils."
When asked about his parting with the New York Rangers, he spoke of problems with their 'salary cap' and was even heard to mutter "fuck the Rangers...New York blows..."* So there you have it.
So here's hoping the second half of the season gets even better for the Devils.

p.s. Side note. Shanny was actually Lou Lamoriello's  first draft pick as a GM for the Devils.

* Shanny never really said that. I just put that in because I hate the Rangers.

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