Friday, January 2, 2009

I Won the Freakin' Lottery!!!

Not really..but it got your attention.
I spent my first day as a member of the swelling ranks of the unemployed today. I really didn't do a whole lot. I stayed home because I was waiting for my severance package to arrive via FedEx. It actually came UPS and at like 5 o'clock. I tore into the envelope because I thought there would be a check or two in there. Silly me. Check is in the mail. The actual mail. I am not shocked, really. The severance statement was about 5 pages long and I have to sign it. Then I need to send it back to Boston. Then I get my severance check. By the 16Th I'm told. No 'stay-on' bonus like we were told we'd get.  Only the folks in the office got that. They're special. 
So this chapter of my work-life is about to close. I'll be relieved when it is finally done. 
Today I cleaned the house a bit. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cooked a nice dinner..... (I am available at a completely reasonable hourly rate btw.)
Touched up the resume...entertained the dog.....I'm very versatile...
So Monday I'll call unemployment and go on the dole.
Hopefully something good comes along soon.

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Madam Z said...

Connor, you seem like a really great guy. I mean it! You've been having a rough time, to say the least, but you are writing about your life with straightforward reporting, not complaining, and with some humor. I wish you and Maggie a greatly improved new year. I hope you and she regain your good health and that you find a good job that you will enjoy and that will pay well. And I'm sending my wishes to you directly, not by FedEx!

(By the way, I found your blog via your comment on my blog. That's the best way to get traffic. Just leave comments on anyone's blog that you enjoy reading, and many of them will reply.)