Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Working, But Keeping Busy

So I'm into my first full week of unemployment and it is really not too bad. I'm home all day with the boys (Chainsaw and CrazyDog) and that is a real treat for them. Usually Mags and Meself are working all day, so they are loving having Daddy home with them. Or...I think they are. Well the dog is. He's kinda clingy and he'll often follow me from room to room. Usually if he knows I'm going to the kitchen he'll be especially attentive in hopes of a treat.
The cat, however is another story all together. He's....well... a cat. He wants attention when he wants it and really the only time he really wants attention is feeding time. But I digress....
Today I ventured out early to avoid traffic and the approaching nasty weather that's going to hit us this evening. I hit the local grocery for some foodstuff and then off to Loews for some home goods. I hit the post office on the way home and once home, put groceries away, changed our furnace filter and then hooked up a dimmer switch in our kitchen. Honestly, we have a really nice fixture over our country table, but if you get up sick in the middle of the night and need tea and flip the light on it's like being in an interrogation room. So I flipped the breaker and hooked up our new 3-way dimmer. And so far the switch works fine, the circuit hasn't flipped and there is no smell of smoke. So I guess I did good.
Then I cooked up my sausage and pepper dinner. Served over a little pasta..yum. I have no plans for tomorrow yet except maybe wash the hardwood floors. And play ball with the pooch of course.