Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Stuff

The weekend is here and as usual, I've been sucked into some kind of twisted, merciless time vortex and my two days will be over in what seems like five hours. This is the first weekend I have not worked in a couple of months. Even though neither of us gets to sleep-in very often it's such a joy to not have to get out of bed and drive to work on a weekend. I am having alot of back aches and pains lately so I'm not sleeping well. I got up early today and had some toast and 3 Ibuprofen. They seemed to fix me up until about 20 minutes ago when the aches started again. 
I did alot of nothing this weekend.Yesterday we did a little shopping and had a really tasty breakfast sandwich at our local Panera Bread. The we came home and relaxed. I even got a little snooze in later in the day and when bedtime came around...I laid and tossed and turned. Thankfully, Mags went out like a light and slept through. She's been having her own back pain lately due to her recent surgery. I changed her dressing and I hurt her when I was applying the Vaseline to the open wound on her back. I apologised and she said not to worry about it, but she still picked me up over her head and did a 'helicopter' with me before tossing me onto the couch.
This morning I did a few little things around the house while Mags ventured out to Wegmans. I vacuumed the upstairs/stairs, filled the bird feeder so my little feathered friends can stay fat during the cold days ahead, and I think that was it. Oh I scooped the yard. I even suggested to Mags that maybe CrazyDog needs a diaper. I kicked the ball a few times but it is cold here and while the dog is built for temperatures up to 80 degrees below zero, I am not. He was genuinely disappointed when I went in. 
It's back to work tomorrow for the final stretch. We're going to have several flatbeds to load and alot of cleaning. Should be a blast.

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