Friday, December 12, 2008

The Axeman Cometh

Today I went into work later than usual because Mags had some minor surgery on Weds. and I stayed late at home to change her dressing. She had MOHS surgery to remove  a nasty bit of skin cancer. The wound is deep, but clean and the good news is there is a 90% chance that the sucker is gone. So that's a good thing. but I digress...
When I went in, the entire mailroom was empty of all the massive work tables. There were maybe 40 or so. Well our afternoon/night guy Dean must have worked 'til the wee hours because the floor was cleared of said tables and he had cleaned it with our 'zamboni' floor cleaner. The guys from Maine had also finished taking down the racking. Talk about a shock. You don't realise how big a space is until it is emptied of everything that it once held. 
Today was also the day the Axeman cometh and relieved all but 5 of the workforce of their jobs. He's from the Boston office and he is a super-nice guy. Yet he has a pretty shitty job. Telling people their employment has ended. Tough job. The last of the girls in receiving were let go, as was the last two mail room women. Two girls in the office and my side-kick Jason. I think he was the only one happy to get his pink slip. 
So that leaves me and Thom, one temp and three or so folks in the office. The head of the site was even let go today, which was shocking. I figured he'd be here 'til the end. Too bad, he is a great guy. 
When I go back Monday it will be more loading of flatbeds with our racking. Not fun, but it's still a paycheck. Lots of cleaning too. ALOT
So tonight I'll kick back and maybe have a beer. Ok I'm not kidding anyone, I've already had one...maybe two.
I think the hardest part of all this is the people. You work with people for 5, 6 or 8 years and you grow close to them. You know about their families, their pets, their lives. You learn what buttons you can push and which you shouldn't. They become like family. This doesn't happen with everyone. Some people I've worked with I could honestly do without, but some make an impression. They become your friends. This is what I'll miss the most. Dean has already decided that we will all get together for a 'Reunion' dinner in the new year. I hope this works out and everyone can make it. 
Good Luck everyone.

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