Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Visits the Leprechaun Early

Well yesterday we participated in one of my least favorite things. Shopping. At the Mall. At Christmas. I dropped the cutie off at the door and she went in to get us a table at the Cheesecake Factory. I drove in circles for twenty minutes without success. The one thing that really burned my little arse was this. Along the main drag at the mall are several restaurants and they have those special "pick-up for (insert restaurant name here) parking only" There are more of these than handicapped slots. Add to the mix the "parking for expectant mothers", "parking for people with a baby", "parking for cat-lovers" and "parking for people who once tried out for the Olympics but failed because of mental angst over a bad break-up" and the choices are so very few for handicapped drivers. So I park seven miles away and after riding the shuttle bus and a worn down old mule named 'Vera' in below freezing weather, I arrive in the restaurant. My cute wife is waiting for me at the hostess stand. Last time we were here the wait was four months so I figured I had plenty of time. Once seated and beer in hand the stress began to melt away. 
After a decent lunch we ventured into the mall. I really don't mind the mall per say, but my problem is with all those people in a small area. I don't really dig human congestion. Too many people too close. But I digress....Santa right?
Mags has been vexed lately because she hadn't gotten me anything for Christmas. I tell her no sweat, she has gotten me such cool things in the past. Plus she's been very sick lately. She does worry though, because she does like to do good things for me. So we pass the AT&T store and she pokes her head in. We are both in need of a new phone and she suggests we go in and look around. Now comes my problem with tiny spaces. The store is more like a phone booth. And in this booth are maybe fifteen people. So Mags spots a phone on the wall and shows it to me. I'm hesitant at first because it is very cool and although I have never ruined a cell phone, I'm worried I may. The phone in question , which Mags did end up buying for me is called a Sumsung Eternity. This phone is freakin' cool people! I'm still learning all the things it can do but, whoa!
We got the Internet access and it is amazing. The phone has a touch-screen keyboard and the phone actually knows when you turn the phone sideways and adjusts the keyboard! It even has the MusicID app in it. This is the coolest thing. You hold the phone up to the radio and it analyzes the song and gives you the title and artist! Not to mention the 3megapixel camera. Can we say 'sweeeeeeeeeet'?
As I learn the phone more I'm sure it will get progressively cooler. So thank you Mrs. Clause for another awesome gift! 

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carrie said...

clan macloughlin? my son's middle name is mclaughlin cuz his grandma got switched to Lofton when she moved to the states, eh. coolio.