Sunday, December 7, 2008

Okay..So I'm Not So Angry Today.

So I've been working alot. And remarkably...outdoors. Let me 'splain Lucy. My company is closing down and they have a crew of guys (and girl) down from Maine. They are from New England which means two things. They are very cool and they are very hard working.These guys are taking down the racks that we kept our stock in. I wish I could explain how massive this job is. The racks reached just shy of the ceiling. Meaning they are at best guess 35 feet high. Mix in the shelving and supports and you've got yourself alot of tired New Englanders when 6pm rolls around. These guys (and girl) bust their asses. I could never in a bazillion years work for these guys. 
So anyways, the uprights and supports are bundled and usually these guys take care of loading the flatbed truck. Someone, however, in the braintrust of my company decides to save 53 cents a week by having us load it. Well it's involved, but the only way to actually get the stuff on the truck is to stage it in the parking lot & then have two guys with forklifts go outside and load the trailer. It has been chilly here lately btw. We did three trailers Thursday and two Wednsday. Not a whole lot of fun. Now if it had been 60 and sunny...
Anyways, my boss asked me to come in on Saturday and open the building to let these guys in and tehn come back and close at 5. "No sweat", says me. Well when I get there I learn one dude has hurt himself and his partner has to work alone. I can't leave the guy there alone. Not that he would take anything mind you. It's the fact that if he gets hurt he's there alone. So I end up doing 9 hours yesterday and while I like the extra scratch in my check, I'm hurtin' for certain. I kept myself busy cleaning and doing inventory receives....and taking lots of breaks.
This morning I wake and realise I may be getting sick. I generally have the constitution of a Yak but this is different. Somethins brewin'. So I drive over in the early morning light (no traffic at this time Sunday morning) Get gas for the car, which by the way is only $1.65 here, then go to work. The guys are waiting and ready to go. 
I work on receives for a couple of hours and then head home top my poor wife who is battling a bad dose of something. Hopefully it is just a nasty-ass cold and nothing more. We decide that it's time for decorating and I get into the attic and send all our goodies down to Mags. She works on the tree while I repair the massive garland that drapes our front door. Four broken bulbs replaced and we have success! I just had part of a sub (which she was kind enough to bring to me at work yesterday even though she feels like poo) and a cold Sammy.
I have to go back to work in a bit to lock up the building. Then it's back to the real grind again on Monday. 

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