Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who Doesn't Want to Work Here?

I am speaking, of course about Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital. It's in Seattle, it's on the water, all the rooms have beautiful views, it's in a perfectly safe neighborhood, they have the very best docs in the country and best of all, all the attendings and interns are horndogs.

Really, if you cannot get laid working here, you should just throw in your scrubs and join the nunnery. Or priesthood. Whoops, bad example there. You'll definitely see action in the priesthood.

When the show first debuted it was Meridith 'Whiney-ass' Grey and doctor Derek 'McDreamy' Sheperd. There was Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens and Alex 'Angry' Karev. Later on it became Christine Yang and Dr. Preston Burke. Am I missing anyone? Doesn't matter...Over the last couple of season you needed a scorecard to follow the adventures of these trollops.

Georgie O'Malley was puttin' it to Nurse Harper..who gave him Syphilis...which she actually got from Dr. Karev.

When Meridith briefly stopped boinking the good doctor Sheperd, she was snaking (pun intended) Dr. Finn Dandridge, the hunky vet that was caring for her dog.

Introduce steamy Calle whatshername, who happened to be living in the basement of the hospital. George spies her dancing in her tighty-whities and then does the logical thing. He flies her out to Vegas and ties the knot. Soon after that, he and the missus have a spat and next thing you know, Georgie is having a roll with Izzie...or was it Meridith? Actually it was both...just not at the same time.

Alex (who also had his way with Izzie and Dr. Addison, McDreamys Ex) was introduced to the 'girl with no face' and he legitimately fell for her and he, I think, was gonna make her an honest woman. Even though she was in the process of running away from her husband and baby when the ferry she was riding hit a whale and blew up. Thank goodness SGH was right there! Whef! Had my life saved, fell in love and had my face completely rebuilt....which leads us to...

Dr. Mark Sloan. Dr. McSteamy has had his share of the lassies at SGMH too. Not to mention sticking it to his on-again off-again BFF Derek Sheperd's sister Nancy, Derek's former wife, his former tennis partners wife, and I'm sure one or two ahem...candy stripers. He alas has tried many many times to convince Dr Jessice Hanh to play doctor in the on-call room and is shot down every time..but we know why...

Her loins only tingle for Doctor Torres who is mucho caliente and may or may not be interested in a little girl-on-girl action. She flips back and forth between Hahn and McSteamy. She, as of this week, is torn on the sexual menu, not knowing if it's a Meat-Stick or a Furburger that she wants. So...she keeps sleeping with Mark Sloan hoping that will help her decided. But really, the only person that's helping is the slick Dr. Sloan.

That leaves us Chistina Yang. She's cute, cold, calculating and a very good doctor. She was due to marry the pyshopathic gay-basher, Doc Preston Burke, but he felt that, aside from Spanish girls, Asains are just downright crazy...foshizzzzle... and left poor Christina at the altar. She carried on and is now bunking with oh I dunno....who ever it is she'll be doing one of them eventually. And finally...

Dr. Owen Hunt, who came into the ER and impressed Christina by performing a tracheotomy on an accident victim with a pen. He also stapled his own leg shut without anesthesia! Whoa! now that's hot! He refused a job at Seattle Grace, preferring to go back to Iraq ( duuude! She wants youuoouuu!). But he did, to Christinas happiness turn up again and has taken a job at SGMH. So after he pulls a wild turkey beak out of her chin, they sharee a kiss it's only a matter of time before he's putting the wang to Yang.

So there you go. If you need to notch medical attention and a little sumpin'sumpin', Seattle Grace is the palce to be.

*Sidenote-It was announced today that Thursday would be the last episode Dr Hahn would be in. No reason was given by the network.

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Nelle said...

That was quite a history! Perhaps the show is most famous for it's catchphrase of names "McSteamy, McDreamy" etc.
It's still interesting!