Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tell Me Your Kidding

"Jesus, Marty...I'm not ready for this.."
Which is what the caption should read. The Main Man in Joisey is going to be out for up to four freakin' months because he needs surgery to repair the distal bicept in his left elbow. BTW, a distal bicep rupture occurs when the tendon connecting the bicep muscle to the elbow is severed, causing the muscle to break away from the bone. (Holy Crap!!)
The Devs will have to now rely on Kevin Weekes and Scott Clemmensen. Okay these boys can both stop the speeding biscuit but really, and please guys do not take offense to this, they are not Marty Brodeur. But there is only one Marty. And the Devils system has been riding the Martster for many many years and in my honest opinion have kinda failed to develope themselves a back-up goalie or two.
In 1990 they passed on Trevor Kidd and snapped up Marty..along with Mike Dunham and Corey Schwab in the same freakin' draft. Mike and Corey now having gone their own ways...we are back to Marty.
If their is any bright spot on this dismal situation is that the innjury happened early. Kev-o will come in with a GAA at just about 3, and Scott Clemmensen is hoveering at 2.5 GAA. Which really isn't awful for this day and age in the faster, stronger NHL.
So good luck Kevin and get well soon Marty!

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Nelle said...

NO NOT MY MARTY!!!!!!!!!!