Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Sofa

It's been awhile..I know. I'm trying to work on a really good post, not just these 'quickies' I've been doing lately.
Here is a pic of our new sofa. The old one was, well ,old and super uncomfortable. I mean, this thing had some very bad mojo about it. I told Mags it was cursed by her ex but she refused to believe it.
Interesting story this store we bought it from said their delivery guys would not remove it. I mean the sofa wasn't cheap and I figured the delivery guys would hook us up and at least take it to the curb. No dice. So the image you need to get in your head is of me with my bad back and Mags, with her bad heart, trying to wrangle a sofa-bed sofa that weighed at least 500 pounds out the front door. It was not pretty. Our home is small and we couldn't figure out how the moving men got it in in the first place. We got it to the door and that was it. Thankfully our neighbor from two doors down, Tony was out early with his pooch and saw us struggling. He smiled and said "you guys need a hand?" He is familiar with our physical situation and held up his finger. "Gimme one sec to get the dog in," and came running over. He then proceed, with little help from Meself, to get the couch over to the door. He stopped and though it out, turning the couch this way and that in his mind. Finally he said "Okay, we need to stand it up on end." So we wrangled it on end and then he said "okay you go out first to the left...etc, etc.." I lifted the end and pulled and then Tony pushed and the couch came right through the doorway. We both thanked him profusely and later in the week I brought him a small token of our appreciation. A twelve pack. Nothing says 'thank-you' like beer.
We put the demon couch on the curb and we put a "FREE" sign on it. Later that day I was awoken by Mags screaming my name. Certainly a 747 was about to fall on our house, our the Four Horsemen were at the door looking for yours truly. I jumped out of bed, got dressed in three seconds and ran down to see what was going on.
I was shocked to see two little guys from around the bend trying to carry the couch away! I went out and spoke with the young lad and asked what was up. He replied that he needed the couch for his tree-house! Ummmm...okayyyyy... I told him he should check with his folks and he said 'of course he did.' I told him to get a parent to help him move it and he was sure he and his friend could do it alone. Uh-huh. Well. Never underestimate the determination of a ten year old. Half an hour later, the boys were back and they had gotten the sofa on two skateboards and were wheeling it away! Clever!
So now we have a new sofa and it's pretty sweet. It will take some getting used to though, I'm used to sinking right onto the springs of the sofa bed of the old one. My butt is grateful.
P.S. Note CrazyDog sneaking into the shot.