Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Hate You Mother Nature

So here in Central Jersey, right on the Atlantic seaboard, we are experiencing rain. Heavy, torrential , drowning rain. It rains here quite a bit in the later months of the year. Just as it rains all throughout the New Jersey 'spring'. Don't even get me going on what this weather is doing to my poor old back. yikes pass the vikes.
Note the  little mark thingies around the word "spring"..there I go again...
I am a New Englander transplanted here to Joisey and the thing I miss most about living in New England is the seasons. 'What?' say you, no seasons in New Jersey? Everyone has four seasons, except for maybe the folks on the Equator. 
Here in my little plot of the planet, I experience only two seasons. Summer and Winter. Our 'Fall' consists of two days of leaves falling and 45 days of rain and temps in the 60's. It did snow a couple of weeks ago, before Halloween. Heavy wet snow. Didn't stick to the roads but it fell all day and looked nice doing so. But it was my kind of snow. It didn't stick around.
It is supposed to rain all day and all night into tomorrow. And be in the 60's. What kind of freakin' Fall is that? Fall is temps in the 40's and 50's, the smell of wood stoves burning, kids diving into leave piles and said leaves falling gently from their trees, drifting idyllically to the ground. Not being ripped from their branches by a monsoon. This will continue until about Thanksgiving, at which point the temperature will drop 40 degrees in two hours and we will be frozen to the ground until March, when the rains will come back again. It will rain and be in the 60's until late May when the temperature will rocket up 40 degrees and we will bake until..well..Ocotber, and the whole cycle will begin anew. 


Anonymous said...

There was a commercial years ago that said "It's not nice to hate mother nature."

Anonymous said...

That was Timothy Leary..and he was dropping alot of acid