Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day Off

So here it is, the horrbile day we all call 'Monday'. Well, some of us call it Monday others that I know call it much worse. I have the day off because my car is in the shop. I am in need of major repair and my car must go through inspection this week. Hopefully, it will pass. This repair will be expensive enough. And the Motor Vehicle Inspections are so tough nowadays. I remember back in the late 70's in Rhode Island, anything with brakelights and headlights would pass. An older man I worked with had ripped all the seats out ( he sold the back seat for money for pot, believe it or not.) and had two big holes. one where the passenger seat, ahem, was...and then one behind where the pasenger seat would have been. Talk about getting gassed. No seat belts, no seats, one wiperblade (passenger side)..... Nowadays if your car has fly crap on it, it will fail. My reapir is big and it involves the Catalytic converter. My BIL is repairing it as we speak.
I am home kicking back. I've already folded a load of laundry and vacuumed theliving room. It's a tiny room but we have CrazyDog and the cat sheds like Lindsey Lohan drinks so you can imagine.....
Lately my back has been really killing me. It isn't unusual for it to hurt, it aches all the time, but an asprin or two usually does me good. Lately however, I've been keepign my Vikes in my Pez dispenser and popping almost one a day. Hopefully it's just the barometric pressure or stress and not something major like a tumor the size of a basketball. Well, I guess that's only funny if you know how small of a person I am... well, actuially a tumor of any size isn't funny at all...As a matter o' fact I've just taken one and I'm enjoying a good cup of tea, listening to some good tunes and maybe later I'll see if I can catch some of the highlights from this past weekends action in the EPL.

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Lynn said...

Ummm.. consider seeing a dr!?!?! Or are you going to go with the old "if i ignore the pain long enough, then it'll go away" theory?? cuz that always works so well!! GO TO THE DR!!!