Saturday, August 30, 2008

Toe is Me

Well on Tuesday night I was in the yard with CrazyDog for our nightly game of catch. I was barefooted, enjoying the beautiful cool evening temps, feeling of the cool grass between my toes, enjoying life for a brief moment when suddenly, walking over to pick up the ball, my foot slipped and went into a small hole ( I imagine it was a divot form last years mole problem) and jammed my foot. My toe is broken. It looks horrible. It is a lovely shade of dark purple with a little red mixed in. I would post a pic but it would surely ruin your appetite for the next three days. The following day I noticed that there was bruising across the top of my foot. I taped the broken toe to it's 'buddy' toe and have been hobbling around for almost a week. Going to the doc is pointless because unless the foot is numb and tingling, there is nothing they can do. So I will suffer. To make matters worse, at work on the next day, I fell through a skid, with my bad foot of course. And then I went to step out of harm's way I fell through another skid, with said foot. Funny enough the only thing hurting at that point was my ego because I did it in front of like 5 people. Thankfully only one laughed. Jason you fucker.
I took the car down to the inspection station on rt.130 and was pleased to see I was the only one there waiting. So I wait ten minutes, I'm waived forward and I hand over my papers and I'm asked for my ticket. "Ticket?", I say. (The inspector was Asian) "Yah, you need ticky. No ticky no sticky" , he said pointing to my almost expired inspection sticker. "You go 'round 'gain and go through gate."
So I go around and sure enough there is the gate. I'm not sure, even now, how I missed this gate. So I start to pull up to the gate and a newer car comes flying up and races into the gate ahead of me. I pull in behind this person, tempted to bump his shiny Beamer with my dusty Camry but temptation flies away. I get my ticket, get in line, and send my car through. There is a small booth where you wait & I spoke with the owner of the Beamer, a very nice elderly man for a few minutes and wished him a good day. The last inspection test is for your gas cap, making sure your not emitting too many fumes into the air ( Like I'm gonna be here to see the destruction of the planet anyways). Well the inspector calls her co-worker over and points into my gas tank. "Crap," I think. The woman yells into the empty building "Toyota! Owner of the Toyota?" I look around. I am the only car owner in the empty 5 bay garage and I'm sitting four feet away from her. She points to my gas cap and says something. I step out of the booth and she points to the gas cap area, "You have bee's nest."
She tells her co-worker, a large African fellow to remove it. "P'ah! You ahhr crazzy woman," and walks away. She shrugs and tells me "You should get rid of that."
So other than a small bee's nest. My car is good for two years. Hopefully.

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