Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Update....

Well due to nothing more than laziness, it has been two months since my last post.
So I go to our Boston area facility and set up the printer machine thingy. It is, however, not without a snag. I am shown a room where they want the machine set up. It is packed with skids and skids of copy paper. My contact Fred waves his arms at the skids 'right here is where we want it.' I look at all the skids and he points at a pallet jack ( no motor ) that was manufactured sometime during the Nixon administration and tells me if I need help to grab one of the guys form the print room.
Long story short, in a span of four hours I have moved all the skids and reassembled the machine and connected all the wiring. There is a junction box in the ceiling above me and Im told the electrician will be in first thing in the a.m. Fred tells me to go back to the hotel and kick back. Awesome! So I hop in my Passat and cruise back to the hotel. I crack a cold beer and call Pizza Hut for my dinner. The hotel is really nice and Im enjoying myself. I tune into Maggies addiction, Law and Order and watch until the Celts game comes on. I sprawl myself out across the Queen sized bed and fall asleep after midnight.
I have a hot shower in the am and drive over to the shop. I'm told Fred wont be in til later so I wait. Fred comes in and says there is a problem. The electrical box in the ceiling won't handle to juice needed so I must disassemble the machine and move it across the room. I am not happy and it shows on my face. I hate doing things twice. Fred notices and kindly says "Hey you're gettin' paid right?" It isn't Fred's fault and I shrug and smile, "piece of cake". So I move the monstrous old machine across the floor in four sections, re-reassemble it and rewire it and then smile to myself. The electrician comes in and we chat about last night Celtics game and he says "no problemo man." He then leaves and he doesn't come back. I try and find the MIA Fred and when I do he says '"where is Chico?" I shrug and stare at him for more info. "Lemme call him" Turns out nobody told Chico they wanted it hooked up today.
So I meet Jane and give her a very quick lesson in the operation of the computer program and the machine. She jots notes furiously and at 5 o'clock she tells me have a nice weekend and that she's sure she'll be in touch. Which she has...I don't mind though. They're all really nice up there and I know the machine pretty well.
After that I shoot down 295 to Warwick to have a nice dinner with Mims, Cassie and my brother.
I spend the next 40 or so hours with Mims and tehn head home to Joisey.

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